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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Colorado developer plans $5.5m solar project in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA — A Colorado developer plans to build a $5.5 million solar project on Philadelphia farmland to sell power to Utica and Watertown companies, with New York Air Brake and Renzi Foodservice as potential clients.
The tentative project has been in the works since the early summer but came to light only last week, when grant funding was announced for the New York State Energy and Development Authority’s NY-Sun incentive program. Continue...

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Anonymous said...

In case anyone wonders whether such a large scale solar project is even feasible for this part of the country, simply google solar power potential maps, and it will become obvious that it will be marginal at best.

Oh well, what does it matter, NYSERDA has piles of NY energy consumer's money to throw away on such "green" dreams of grandeur!!