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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Could living near a wind farm harm you?

  Wind Turbines not only generate electricity they also generate low frequency noise .
It is this noise or infrasound that is toxic to humans.

  A Study done by scientists from the University of Munich indicates that Low Frequency noise causes cellular changes to the inner ear.

However wind turbines are not the only source of low frequency noise as noted by Dr Marcus Drexel, of the University of Munich,  man-made sources of low frequency noise have spread dramatically in recent years and are also generated by thermal power stations, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

‘The dogma of “what you can’t hear, won’t hurt you” is deeply rooted in society and governs the current health and safety regulations,’ he said.

‘However, while even loud low frequency sounds are not perceived as obtrusive, our findings show such sounds affect the exquisite mechanics of our inner ears in a significant manner.

‘Our study identifies a mechanism in our hearing system, which can contribute to explain conditions associated with low-frequency sound emissions.’

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