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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Dukes of Health Hazards ~

Duke Energy’s Shirley Wind Farm Declared Health Hazard

 Maple Ridge 

Tonight, October 14, 2014, the Brown County Board of Health voted to declare the Shirley Wind [Farm] a Human Health Hazard. The decision was based on a report of a year-long study conducted by the Enz family with some help from an Illinois resident to document infrasound in homes within a radius of 6 miles of the Shirley Wind turbines.

The vote to declare it a Human Health Hazard puts Duke Energy’s Shirley Wind utility on the defensive to prove to the Board they are not the cause of the health complaints documented in the study and could result in a shut down order.
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Anonymous said...

Cape Vincent dodged a bullet. The landowners and greedy voters for wind and corrupt members of the town council escaped an inevitable future of expensive lawsuits. As they now read these articles, I hope they count their blessings and give thanks to those of you who came forth with the truthful side of the issues.