BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


 Following last Tuesdays election Republican John Byrne held a 117 vote lead over incumbent Democrat Addie Russell in the 116th Assembly District race.

As a result incumbent Russell has brought in TOP GUN lawyer , attorney Frank G. Hoare, from Albany with the appointed task of invalidating 111 seasonal  absentee votes from Cape Vincent.

"We'll be looking at those votes. There's some issues involved in that and whether folks have a connection to the district - that's what the law says. You need to have a connection to the place where you vote, so we'll be looking at that," said Hoare.
In 2013, Frank G.Hoare was called in to represent a downstate Democratic candidate in protecting the legitimacy of absentee ballots, a situation similar to what Republican Challenger John Byrne is faced with today.
In this earlier, downstate case attorney Hoare defended, many of the objections raised over absentee ballots that pertained to the residency of voters.  The court ruled in Hoare’s favor that the challenger failed to “provide sufficient evidence to overcome the presumption that the individuals who cast the ballots in question resided where they were registered.” (Court ruling)

To put it plainly, Hoare’s client prevailed because the opponent challenging the absentee ballots could not prove that they did not meet the residency requirement.

This means that Hoare knows better than anyone that he will be required to prove that 111 voters did not live in Cape Vincent for 30 days.  Ha!  Good luck Hoare and Russell.  You stand a better chance of jumping hand-in-hand over the moon than having those ballots rejected by the court.



Anonymous said...

Can you show us the voters contested last year?

K. Muschell said...


Anonymous said...

whoever wins this election, it should be clear that the issue of voter legitimacy needs to be addressed at the state level. This practice of challenging voter eligibility during the counting of absentee ballots is absurd and insulting.

Eligibility needs to be addressed when absentee ballots are issued, not when they are counted.

If a voter has been declared ineligible after the fact, he/she has lost his/her right to vote, which in reality is an indictment of the election commissioners, whose duty it is to make reliable, objective, decisions based on election laws, when they register voters ,or issue absentee ballots.

Its time to remove petty politics from the voting procedure.

Anonymous said...

Here's a piece of irony that should amuse those who have been following the great wind debate in Cape Vincent.

for several years many readers and participants have taken offense by, or suffered verbal abuse from the pen of blogger Art Pundt from Arizona. One favorite tactic taken by his detractors was to paint him as an abettor to the pro-wind side,based on his often harsh criticism of supervisor Herschey"s policies and actions relating to wind development. recently one commenter opined that Pundt had done his best to reassure Marty Mason was re-elected to town council, by penning his less than favorable assessment of candidate John Byrne. Rick Wiley has just published on his blog Jefferson Leaning Left, a list of registered Cape Vincent voters whose eligibility has been challenged by the Dems/CFG in the 116 assembly race.

guess whose name is on that list??--both Art and his wife Lorna!! Brought a smile to my face!

Anonymous said...

Hey Artie, is that you? I hope you are safe back home after your traveling and health ordeal. Keep that smile.

Anonymous said...

Artie is in great company. Richard Edsall and Virginia Edsall were also challenged. As for Artie there is absolutely no question in my mind that his anti Hirschey rants, etc. were instrumental in putting Paul A. and now maybe Marty over the top. They were printed off and shown during the campaign.
Right on the dashboard of a truck is where one of Artie's posts was carried for days. It was fetched and showed to my old gullible in law who had to be set back on the right track.

Anonymous said...

Did the CV cfg democrats fall into a well planned trap?
A friend and media member says that legal exploration and funding discussions
have gone on for years and started right after the Masons
passed their illegal voter ID law and residents who they have
gone after make up a legal class of almost 200. Did Addie
help take the CV cfg over the edge?