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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


  • Funding Announced Following Fire That Destroyed Historic Block 
    State Senator Patty Ritchie has announced she has secured $100,000 in capital funding to assist with the rebuilding of the Wellesley Island Fire Station following a devastating fire which happened last August at Thousand Island Park.
    “For more than a century, Thousand Island Park has stood as a tight knit community where families and individuals go to spend quality time near the majestic St. Lawrence River,” said Senator Ritchie.  “The fire that took place last August was truly devastating—destroying key parts of the community, including the fire station, which residents count on to help keep them safe.  I am pleased to be able to provide this funding, which will help the area rebuild to become better and safer than ever before.”
    Local leaders are praising the Senator’s efforts to help them restore the fire station.
    Firemen gather near the fire station after the fire

     Rear view of Fire Station
    “Anyone familiar with Wellesley Island and its residents knows not only that we are passionate about where we live, but also that we are resilient,” said Wellesley Island Fire Chief Robert Markert.  “In the months following the recent fire, we have banded to together to rebuild and restore the heart and soul of our community.  The funding secured by Senator Ritchie is key to our efforts and we can’t thank her enough for the interest she has shown in helping us bounce back from this tragedy.”
    In addition to the fire station, the August fire also consumed an iconic ice cream shop known as The Guzzle, a grocery and other offices.  

For more information on the Thousand Island Park rebuild, visit www.tiparkcorp.com.

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