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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Report Finds Local Votes On Fracking Resulted In Apparent Conflicts Of Interest

A reform group studied votes taken by local governments across the state on whether to allow hydro-fracking, and found numerous potential conflicts of interest that they say could have tainted the outcome of the votes.
The New York Public Interest Research Group studied 59 municipalities that have voted to permit hydro-fracking in the past few years, if New York State eventually approves the process.  They found numerous questionable activities, including local elected officials holding gas leases and town attorneys who also represented oil and gas companies.

Report Finds Local Votes On Fracking Resulted In Apparent Conflicts Of Interest ~ WAMC Northeast Public Radio


Anonymous said...

Don Mason would consider this report as support for his ethics- challenged actions as town councilman." Hey, everyone's doing it".

This would be no news to Marty Mason. He once informed the public that "in small towns, you're going to have conflicts of interest"

Anonymous said...

This report isn't about fracking, its about corruption. It says it would have been perfectly legal during Cape public meetings for Jim Madden to give each member of the CApe's town and planning boards a bag of cash asking for their support. He didn't have to do it quietly via a check in the mail. This is New York's twisted idea of open government.