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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The SASS draft report will be released in the month of February

The following letter to the editor was published in the latest edition of the Thousand Islands Sun

To the Editor

Regarding the efforts of municipalities along the river to obtain a designation of Scenic Area of Statewide Significance for the Thousand Islands region, it is important to note that both the Town of Hammond and the Town of Orleans have joined the Town of Alexandria in demonstrating a willingness to withhold judgment regarding the SASS project until all information gathered by the state contractor is processed into a draft report.

This report will be released in the month of February. Subsequent to that there will be a public hearing in April for additional public input regarding the draft report, after which the draft will be revised and made final. At that time, the participating municipalities will be asked to decide whether they wish to participate in the SASS designation or not.

As members of the Steering Committee, it is appropriate to thank the Town of Orleans and the Town of Hammond, and once again the Town of Alexandria, for recognizing their obligation to their constituents as board members to collect and examine all information relevant to the proposed SASS designation. Failure to participate in this process of information gathering - or even withdrawing from the process – is a disservice to their constituents.

As taxpayers and voters in this region, we are pleased and grateful that local elected officials are choosing to look after the best interests of their entire community.

SASS Steering Committee
c/o Clif Schneider
47243 Wood Cliff Dr.
Wellesley Is., NY 13640

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