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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Assbackwards Thinking in the Thousand Islands

The Game Where the Right Answer is Wrong

(2/20/2015) ~ Watertown Daily Times article "Support unravels for scenic-area designation as Orleans drops out"

Following are two reasons given by town officials who represent communities opting out of SASS, a designation from the Department of State that would simply require a non-binding review for large industrial scale projects:
  1. "Why do I need another form of review,"
  2. I am "...opposed to the additional layer of review that the Department of State would require under the SASS designation."
But in the same article there is an invitation by a town official for oversight and regulation from the heavy hand of state government through Article 10 and the Public Service Commission:
  1. "I support the development of wind projects in the region due to their economic impact in generating property taxes."
So, town officials along the St. Lawrence River feel threatened by the little hand of state government in a scenic designation, but feel comfortable, even welcoming, to the heavy hand of government that could seriously curtail home rule.

This is assbackwards thinking. Our town officials should be fighting Article 10 and its state mandates and embracing a scenic designation for the Thousand Islands.


Anonymous said...

Pandora, It might be coming clearer as to just who is behind the anti-SASS movement. Not only do local proponents of wind ( such as Hunneyman from Alex Bay) see the danger with SASS, imagine the concern Cuomo and his energy goons must have over the thought of this region being off limits. Can't imagine the PSC wants to get into a public wrangle with the DOS, during an ART.X review so they orchestrate a mission to make it look like a local controversy.Get some towns to back out and sabotage the project in local media. Real smooth!

Anonymous said...

We can debate conspiracy theories, but the cold, hard reality is that those town and village officials who prematurely opted out because they perceived SASS as too heavy handed, are fools. Inviting wind to the Thousand Islands should irresponsible. Suggesting wind and big industrial projects are inappropriate for the Thousand Islands is sensible - thank you Supervisor Taylor from Clayton.

Art Pundt said...

Ok Pandora...now after quite some time we are in complete agreement
if you are sincere about your this post.

Excellent point. I have been saying town officials along with the county should ban together and fight Art X. It is an insidious removal of our community rights by a more than heavy handed govt.

It has always disturbed me how many town govts folded up to the state's invasion of our rights with Art X.

Perhaps they really don't understand the implications.

Anonymous said...

The crazy part is that the Councilmen from Hammond who were dead set against turbines are leading the charge to sabotage SASS.
Truly nuts or is it something else?
Maybe he got converted?

Anonymous said...

Those officials who opted out before reviewing the scenic assessment report cowarded to the bullying of a few, and we know who they are. This behavior is a total disservice to their communities and I hope the voters get this information and respond by the next election. The DOS does not even issue any permits. Review of large scale projects is in the interest of this precious land for the sake of our next generation.

Anonymous said...

I get a kick out of all these small town North Country politicians who have their hands out, palm up, for any federal or state grant money they can find, all of which comes with some strings attached.
But when some nice scenic recognition offer comes along (that is long overdue) some of them start sounding like Patrick Henry. "We don't need Big Brother coming in here to tell us how to live our lives! Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

Some people are so pissed off over the NY SAFE ACT they are willing to take it out on anything that even has a whiff of Albany to it.

Don't spoil SASS because you're angry with Andrew Cuomo. I'll bet he doesn't even know what it is.

Anonymous said...

anon4;17 "Don't spoil SASS because you're angry with Andrew Cuomo. I'll bet he doesn't even know what it is."

I'd take that bet, and am pretty sure you would lose your shirt. This ant-SASS movement has Albany influence all over it. Anything that could get in the way of his ART.X board is fair game for sabotage.

Anonymous said...

I think I found who is sponsoring the ads in the paper. The writing is on the wall.

This is the type of development coming to the area. That is a huge view shed. We have kayaked in this bay and there a number of wildlife that live here.