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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Benefits of SASS ~2~

Another important purpose for the project is the promotion of tourism and the marketing of the region to the rest of the state, the country and internationally. Identifying the Thousand Islands as one of the most scenic coastal areas in New York State will more emphatically put the region on the map, attracting visitors and boosting its tourist-based economy. Promoting the region based on sustainable development practices will create a unique image for the Thousand Islands as a beautiful, carefully overseen area that values its scenery and environmental quality.

For decades a central focus of promotional efforts in the Thousand Islands has been the region’s scenic beauty. Books, brochures, marketing campaigns and ads for businesses almost always feature striking photos of the area’s scenic vistas. If the Thousand Islands are designated one of the state’s top scenic destinations promotion of the region’s tourist trade and economy will be greatly enhanced. People and businesses will want to come to an area that has received a major scenic designation after a rigorous review and analysis process. The SASS designation should be cited in promotional materials and brochures. And visitors, investors, new businesses and new residents will be reassured to know that measures have been taken to conserve and enhance the scenery for future generations.

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