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Monday, February 16, 2015

Developer to revive Galloo Island wind project 
with underwater route

HOUNSFIELD — Town officials say the developer who led the Maple Ridge wind project in Lewis County plans to revive the Galloo Island Wind Farm proposal scrapped by Upstate NY Power Corp., but his plan calls for an underwater transmission route and fewer turbines than the original version.


Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. Not too long ago this blog told us that wind wasn't dead and we laughed. Oops!

The Galloo Island project proposed by Moore is less than half the size of the original project, yet he will send the power to Oswego via the underwater route, that Upstate said was too expensive, $32 million.

I think I know how Moore is going to pull this thing off - a cheap-ass Chinese extension cord!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the news of this story will help the towns along the ST. Lawrence put the proposal of a SASS into the proper perspective. Wind is not dead, as long as there is the potential for profit for corporate developers. One would ask themselves, why would a developer attempt to build a wind project on Galloo Island without the federal PTC as a tax break.The most likely answer is New York State will provide a huge taxpayer subsidy from Andrew Cuomo's "Green Bank" established to promote his renewable energy Policy. New York's RPS is languishing without new projects to boost it along.

Did we enjoy our nap, north country?

Anonymous said...

Moore is sort of a darling in New York renewable development. He did the first wind farm in Madison and then the biggest wind facility in New York and the east, Maple Ridge. He also found his way to Clayton to put together the Horse Creek project back in 2008. None of these projects created much of a stir with the public. He's a proven success, familiar in the halls of the PSC. Why wouldn't Andy throw cash at Moore for reviving the Galloo project. This wind project is probably worth throwing cash at, no controversy from a capable developer. If as the article describes the project is substantially changed, then will DEC require a makeover for all the environmental work or will they give Moore a free pass? I put my money on the free pass.

Anonymous said...

You think big wind is dead because the wind companies have stopped pursuing the projects in the Cape, Brownville, Clayton, Orleans, and Hammond.
In reality, they pushed the pause button until they again can get their production credit money from the Feds and the State because Industrial Wind isn’t profitable without these subsidies.
AWEA states in their website at: http://www.awea.org/index.aspx#
"America needs to extend the PTC
That’s the good news. The bad news is that the PTC was allowed to expire at the end of 2013. Congress must act quickly to extend the PTC. Failure to do so will kill jobs and roll back progress that the nation has made to diversify its electricity portfolio."
Industrial Wind knows that as we run into trouble with our aging electrical grids, or for a number of other reasons can’t supply electrical power as wanted, that all electrical power sources will be addressing all levels of government demanding instant action and an open wallet.

Anonymous said...

Think about it folks! why are elected officials in towns like Orleans, Morristown (already voting out SASS) and the strangest some Councilmen in Hammond trying to vote out SASS and kill it for the whole North Country(without reading the report by the way)against SASS ... hummm are they just stupid or is big wind involved?
makes you wonder who is spending our tax dollars. Wake up folks, tune in and voice yourselves before it's too late!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow starting to make sense all this anti-SASS stuff. Big wind making another stab at it and it looks like they got Demick in their pocket this time in Hammond and Garlock in ABay
what else they got up their sleeves.
Get ready everyone.Has the cold weather froze your brains