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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Erica M. Demick: Giving state more control a bad idea

 I am a proud, lifelong resident of Hammond and the Thousand Islands region.
As a member of the Thousand Islands Regional Assessment Project advisory board, I have supported looking into the merits of a Scenic Area of Statewide Significance Designation since its introduction. I have firsthand experience with the entire process through which SASShas been brought to the attention of our community. Continue reading at this link to the Watertown Daily Times


Anonymous said...

In her capacity as co-chair of the Hammond Business and Economic Development Group, Ms. Demick joined the TIRAP Advisory Board and, in fact, signed a letter of endorsement for the grant application in June 2012. (She was willing to get into bed with the state when she wanted to get money from them). She attended a kick-off meeting in July 2013 where she signed a stakeholder commitment form whereby she pledged to be an ambassador for the project and help her community members find ways to participate in the process.

She is correct in stating that her family was an active participant in the anti-wind movement in Hammond. But she neglects to admit how the environmental, social, economic and political forces on the local level also played major parts in that debate. She was all over having a SASS designation at that point. Oops, enter 2013 and Iberdrola decides to pull up the stakes and end all wind leases in her back yard. With Iberdrola no longer a direct threat to her family, she proceeds to take a regional project that can help unite river communities and throws it right under the bus. Bad enough she wants to kill everything for Hammond, now she wants all towns to dance to her flute.

When time came for the summer 2014 citizen survey opinion poll, Ms. Demick unilaterally decided that the HBEG was not going to allow advertisement for the survey link on its website, nor allow discussion or distribution of TIRAP material at any of the events that the HBEG was participating in all summer long. Her words and actions interfered with the dissemination of information to the community and possibly limited the ability of Hammond residents to provide their opinions during the data collection phase. Her behavior was in direct opposition to her pledge. Does this seem like the behavior of an objective advisory board member wanting to exchange in “Q & A” and acting in the best interest of her community? It appears that she made her mind up long before the release of the report. Now, she has the audacity to say that people have not been informed.

While attending the various meetings, Ms. Demick posed questions regarding the regulatory nature of the designation and completely dismissed any possibility that there was, or could be, positive effects for grants or tourism in such a designation. The DOS went to their management team and legal department to answer questions posed. Data from other SASS areas were collected and it was confirmed that there were only four negative reviews by DOS out of 1900+ in the past 10 years, and these were all large industrial projects proposed at the shoreline. These opinions were passed onto the permitting agency. The DOS Coastal Management is NOT a permitting agency, they only give opinion about consistency in the federal coastal boundary. All other areas are under local control. Contacts to the other two SASS planning officials were provided to her and others so all could hear about past experiences. Ms. Demick just doesn’t like the answers, so she keeps asking over and over. The SASS program has been falsely accused of being joined at the hip to other state agencies, to other state programs and to other organizations in an effort to create fear, uncertainy and doubt about the task at hand.

This is your proud moment? Drawing on FUD to make your points? What is your plan, Ms. Demick, to revitalize our precious communities? You chair an economic development group, let’s hear it.

PS. Please stop using language from John Droz. You already have been outed.

Paul Langtry said...

This is the most S--t bases sit on the whole internet.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Langtry

You misspelled sit..

So Sit, Langry, Sit and give me a paw.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Langtry,
If you canvassed the area you would find that there isn't a thread of evidence to support your sew,sew ideas,sew stop needling people.

Anonymous said...

Mr. L. thanks for putting a clear face and voice on the anti-SASS folks in your community.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Thanks Mr. Langtry, keep up the good work. anyone reading your postings will have a good idea of the "logic" of the Anti-SASS group and your motivations.