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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Informative Comment Concerning A Local SASS Designation

The following post is a comment from a previous post concerning 
the pending SASS designation titled
Hammond Councilman seeks your help understanding SASS ~
   Dave LaMora said...
This has been a lively discussion, but it seems to me most of the commenters are dancing around a vital part of the issue. The interest in seeking a SASS designation was born out the controversy over industrial wind development. Sure, the promoters of the idea will deny the intent was to inhibit the scope of wind development, but I for one would not hesitate to support it for that very reason.

To be candid, I have to agree with a previous commentor, that the control of development, and land use concerns, should preferably be dealt with at the local level. The New York State Home Rule Law is the basis for Comprehensive Planning and Zoning, and as such, gives municipalities the authority to preserve and protect the physical and scenic nature of their region. However,as we all know, our State government abrogated that right with the passage of The New York Power Act which established the Article X Provision for siting of energy projects. Our local laws have no ultimate authority when it comes to protecting our scenic quality from this particular threat. Since towns and counties across the State made no visible or audible protest over this theft of our right to self -govern we are stuck with negotiating the quality of life and environment with a bureaucratic advisory board who represents an overreaching state government intent on forwarding its energy policies. It seems to me a SASS designation could prove to be a valuable, effective tool to make those negotiations, or with any future potential developments that posed a similar threat to the scenic value of the region.

To say this is anti-progress or anti-development for the 1000 Islands area is missing the point. The scenic nature of this region is an integral factor in the economy, and general quality of life enjoyed by those who live , work, recreate, and do business here. If acquiring a SASS can protect and preserve those qualities, while at the same time serve as a possible catalyst for compatible development,- it has value. The intent and purpose of such a designation is not to micro-manage local zoning or planning as some fear, but to set some parammaters that define the scenic value from the State's perspective.

I prefer that we control our own destiny, by implementing our own guidelines for development that take into account preserving the precious resources we are blessed with. It has been continually, and unfortunately shown that greed and self-interest often overrule those principles, not only at the local level, but also , state and federal.

A SASS designation will not guarantee absolute protection of our scenic resources, much as the Endangered Species Act cannot protect our wildlife (eagles) when self-serving politics trump wise governance. Hell, even though a National Scenic Highway (the designation of which affords considerable protection of visual resources) runs through the heart of Cape Vincent, the new zoning law does not take advantage of it. Cynical though I may be, I still feel we would be better for having it (SASS)on the books.

In spite of my own protestations,local governments willingly rescinded their ability to determine their own fate by refusing to protest the implementation of ART.X . In the face of that, it certainly seems logical that we should seek to obtain a SASS designation.
January 27, 2015 at 12:21 AM


Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen the full page anti -SASS ad in the TI SUN? Whats up with that? What reasonable person would suggest that it is in the best intrest of the public to kill SASS before the public has the opportunity to participate in the process? This smells bad...
The most likely reason behind this frenzy to kill SASS is a big industrial scale project LIKE WIND.

Bill Beneteau said...

I agree... I am concerned that a company like Iberdrola may be behind this frenzy to kill SASS ,why else would someone attempt to deny the public the opportunity to participate? This is reminiscent of the big ads the wind companies used to pomote their industrial scale projects in the river communities.

Anonymous said...

Think about folks. Something's up with these anti-SASS people. The areas under consideration are all ready strictly regulated by a host of agencies with real regulatory powers. SASS has no such authority.
Seems like if those people could read they'd see that unless there is something else a foot. Now those people really need to be watched carefully. This does stink of true special interests. Let the process finish.