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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Draft Final Thousand Islands Regional Assessment report has been released

The spectacular scenery of the Thousand Islands is central to the region’s quality of life, and to its economy. Guarding this resource for future generations and promoting the economy of the region is a central goal to the project, called the “Thousand Islands Regional Assessment”.

 We are pleased to announce the release of the Draft Final Thousand Islands
Regional Assessment report.  The report is available for your review at the
SASS website


Click on 'Final Draft Report' at the top of the page to download the report.

The report is the most comprehensive assessment of the Thousand Islands
region that has been done - ever!  As you know, it represents a lot of
work, effort and money - $150,000 in combined grant money and in-kind
services.  We hope you take the time to study it carefully, and if you
agree it has value for your community, let your local officials know your
‹ Pass it along to others who may be interested in the issue, effort and
the report.

An upcoming Department of State public hearing is scheduled for 6:00 PM on
April 13, 2015 at Cape Vincent, NY.  We are still in the process of making
final arrangements for a venue.   At the conclusion of this hearing the
municipalities will have the opportunity to embrace the designation or opt
out of the process if it is not for them.  You should also be aware that
the final report may have some material removed if some communities
actually decide to opt out of the process.  So the final report and
designation will be tailored to those communities choosing to be included
in the designation.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. Thank you for
your patience and continued support.

Ron Bertram
Supervisor, Town of Hammond
TIRAP Steering Committee

Click this link to directly view or download TIRAP report pdf file

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