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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What does SASS say about Wind Turbine development in the Thousand Islands?

 Siting large scale development such as highways, power lines, major subdivisions and bill boards back from the shoreline or in other inconspicuous locations to maintain the attractive quality of the shoreline and to retain views to and from the shore;

Probably the greatest threat to the future scenic character of the SASS is large scale industrial and infrastructure development within or nearby district boundaries. Large-scale projects, such as tall buildings, transmission lines, wind turbines, bridges, communications towers, should not be sited within the SASS district or within the district’s viewshed. Large scale industrial development should be sited well back from the bluff tops, and shoreline to greatly reduce the visual impacts. Modification of existing roadways, construction of new roadways, utility lines and other infrastructure often requires state or federal funding and/or permits and thus can come under the purview of this policy. Locating public infrastructure that scars sensitive coastal areas and facilitates inappropriate bluff top or shoreline development could greatly impair future scenic shoreline areas of the SASS.

 Click Image to see Boldt Castle Turbine animation

The links above are from Wise Energy.Org they were sent to me a couple of years ago by John Droz with the following statement.

Please visit our new website WiseEnergy.org. This is an extraordinary resource for anyone involved with alternative energy (e.g. wind), global warming, sea level rise, etc. Please utilize this material, and put a link to WiseEnergy.org on your local website.


john droz, jr.
Physicist & environmental advocate


Anonymous said...

I like the direct, straightforward comment on big industrial development, it doesn't belong in the Thousand Islands. I hope our leaders read this and understand it.

Anonymous said...

if they did they would understand how a SASS designation could help
wise up folks
read and react to poor judgement of towns opposed to SASS

Anonymous said...

John wake up! why are you supporting the anti=SASS movement. This will follow you. Totally against what you say you stand for. Is this your Waterloo? Finally?
not good fella.

Anonymous said...

Its clear what the SASS report recommends about large scale industrial development, such as wind turbines.
What is not clear however, is what degree of enforcement does the DOS have to implement any of the recommendations it makes. Will an ART.X review panel simply overlook the SASS criteria, much like it can overrule local zoning laws? Does SASS have any teeth, or is it merely a paper tiger. The gentleman from the Hudson region declared SASS has no regulatory authority. If this is true what is all the fuss about over regulating about?