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Friday, March 6, 2015

Denmark Residents Learn About Wind Farm Plans

The topic of wind energy can be a polarizing one in parts of the north country, but in Lewis County, it's been a different story. One large wind farm outside Lowville could be joined soon by another.

The vision is for windmills to populate the town of Denmark. Continue reading


Anonymous said...

Clearly wind is creeping in to the North Country. Look at the configuration and what is planned.
If you thought it a dead issue think again. Once more they plan to promise the prosperity (on their terms of course) and delivery noise, pollution and scar the landscape. For those who are throwing things like SASS under the wheels of the snow plows, how's this for "net benefit": SASS designation v. turbines in your back yard.Did you think ind was really over?

Anonymous said...

The article in today's WDT whre Don Alexander gushes all over at the prospect of a Galloo wind project is revolting. He sounds like a partner of the developer more than he does an agent for the people of the county.

Of course, it would have helped if the reporter for the WDT asked a few probative questions.

Why does the WDT allow itself to be used as a spin machine, allowing people to say pretty much whatever they want to say without having to answer any questions? I hope the WDT attempts a little more real journalism with this wind developer than they could muster for BP and Iberdrola.

Anonymous said...

News papers (print and otherwise) are dying all over the country and particularly in rural America. The online business is saving a few for the time being. However, the consequence is blog=news=$. These papers also pander to the few advertisers relying on print media and other such folks and are loath to go against them in any form. In smaller markets such as that of the TI SUN the picture is even more murky. The TI SUN (too cash poor to go online) relies on the $ of major advertisers in a limited rural and seasonal market. The SUN ues amateur wantabes as "journalists" and fails to understand or adhere by common journalistic ethics of reporting and bowes to the influences of their revenue stream advertisers when it comes to "controversial" issues. Hiding behind "freedom of the press" (sans meaningful ethics)is holds itself not accountable for errors. distortions and inaccuracies often failing to seek objectivity as long as it suits advertisers and other such influences. But all that is another issue. The point is "real journalism" in such papers is rare except the who, died, who got arrested, whose house burned down department.