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Friday, March 6, 2015

JCIDA chief: Galloo Island wind developer to seek tax break


SACKETS HARBOR — A developer who plans to revive the long-dead Galloo Island Wind Farm project wants to seek a tax break, and the chief of the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency doesn’t expect the proposal to be as controversial as the previous one.


Anonymous said...

The scenic impact from this project would be far greater than Don Alexander is letting on.

Please, people, give this harebrained proposal your fullest attention. We are being taken for idiots.

Anonymous said...

Are we on the tail end of a dying trend? Big wind has lost a lot of its puff, subsidies and attraction. For good reason, it harms people and only provides limited production - even the factories that build wind turbines don't get their electricity from turbines 24/7. If Big Wind is headed to the trash-bin of renewable energy policy then why hook-up with a star that is actually a burned out, dying comet?