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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Johnny goes marching on and on and on...

Droz's anti-SASS message is back again. First we had Droz/ Ringer spewing the same nonsense about the lack of comprehensive reporting, biased consultants additional layer of governmental review, Ditto yesterday with the Droz/Tanner letter and today with the Droz/Chapman letter, Chapman's certainly wrote their own letter, but the ideas, points and the overall argument is classic John Droz, Jr. The Chapman letter is another example of the same, tired anti-SASS mantra - where's the proof, where's the proof, where's the proof. Droz specializes in posing questions not for the sake of having them answered (they've been answered numerous times), but their purpose is to establish uncertainty and doubt.
If anyone has the temerity to take the time for an honest response, the the blathering shifts to "You haven't answered the question sufficiently." When the real burr under Droz's saddle is the SAFE Act, the SAFE Act and the SAFE Act then nothing that can be said in defense of SASS matters - it's all about guns, second amendment rights and the visceral dislike of all things about government. Come on out Droz, come out from hiding. Expose your dislike for what really matters and get off the back of a simple designation that would show the state, region and world that we live in a very pretty place that is worthy of protection and promotion.

Clif Schneider

Note: internal links have been included for viewing of letters in question.


Inquisitive said...

What's the big deal with SASS? I'm just hearing about it. Can someone please explain why it's a bad thing. I googled it and it doesn't sound like anything scary.
What's the problem? Sounds like a good thing.

Anonymous said...

The scary thing is Johnny is those glasses. And that he seems to be hypnotizing people too.