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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SASS Views

To The Editor:
There is a major hot topic currently being discussed locally: will a SASS designation REALLY protect 1000 Island communities from industrial wind energy development?
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Anonymous said...

Mr. Tanner's letter was most likely written by SASS opposition's chief ghost John Droz, Jr. This letter is another example of tea party extremists who are intent on killing anything coming from a government that enacted the SAFE Act and Article 10. If the real burr under your saddles are guns and big government, then why not work to repeal the SAFE Act and Article 10? Why get into a lather on a designation that would tell the world the Thousand Islands is pretty? In spite of all the protestations, the downside of SASS is non-existant and the potential benefits represent additional opportunities for TI communities to continue to grow.

Anonymous said...

Tea party extremists are an embarrassment to the Thousand Islands

Anonymous said...

Fighting SASS is the wrong fight against the wrong enemy. SASS should be embraced by anyone who loves the River.

Anonymous said...

I also doubt that Mr. Tanner wrote this or was versed in what he was signing. Shame on the Droz Patrol. The reference to NY State being “least free” is from a report written by a Mercatus Center, a place heavy with Koch Industries board members. Not too biased, huh? We live in the Garden of the Great Spirit. How about my freedom to have policies that protect our farms, fish, wildlife, air, water, wetlands and scenic view shed?

Anonymous said...

It's clear now and the evidence shows that the Hammond folks just mouthed the words Droz wrote and have been doing so all along. Besides being wrong they have no voice of their own and are thoughtless and dangerous pawns in a game they don't understand. Congratulations Hammondites your new cottage industry will be knitting dunce caps. It wouldn't be a surprise to find that they actually paid Droz for his help! Maybe they should all relocate to the Adirondack Park where they may live in peace. I'm sure he is laughing at them behind their backs.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Who coulda guessed that John Droz would turn out to be just a gunslinger for hire? Several years ago he was providing valuable resource information for the anti-wind movement in Hammond. Today he's writing letters for anti-zoning teaparty zealots in Hammond to sign as their own. Go figure!

some commenter who uses the name of "still hopeful" asked this Tanner guy- " By the way, as far as a “comprehensive and unbiased assessment”, what exactly does that mean to you Cory? How would you design and carry that out?"

Tanner hasn't answered, maybe Droz is out of town and hasn't had time to write a response.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mr. Tanner, Ms Demick and Chapman's your little band has reopened the door to big wind in the North Country. Let's see who you'll turn to when the turbines come marching down route 12 and take a turn at your road where the digging will already have begun. Think it not likely. Think again and ask your friend Droz what's happening state wide and national. Yes, get your heads out of your .... well, sand boxes. Thanks again a job you can feel proud of especially when you hear the hum and watch the blinking lights of big wind in your own back yards.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where to post this.
It has come to my attention that the Watertown Daily Times may be selectively be editing comments in response to Anti-SASS comments. The rules they have set forth allow for the responses. What gives? are they being pressured! It seems so. Far and balanced seems to be out the window!