BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Friday, March 20, 2015


The white, rectangular overlay on Galloo Island represents a 500 acre segment that could encompass a modern 100 MW solar project, the equivalent sized energy project to Hudson Energy's Galloo Island wind energy proposal.

Ten Best Reasons for Bill Moore to Use Solar Instead of Wind on Galloo Island.

  1. Article 10 reasonable alternatives to the facility are required by PSL 164(i)
  2. Moore won't have to do a visual simulation for negative scenic impacts, since there are none.
  3. Bald eagles, other raptors and migrating waterfowl won't be chopped, diced and blended.
  4. Solar has no risk from a turbine failure fire destroying the entire and unique Galloo Island habitat.
  5. No blinking light disturbance from nighttime turbine lighting for lake-shore property owners.
  6. Solar is New York and Gov. Cuomo's preferred renewable energy alternative while wind is waning.
  7. No potential wind turbine infrasound health effects for lake-shore residents.
  8. No lake-shore property devaluation from degraded sunset views from 30, 500+ ft spinning turbines.
  9. Town of Hounsfield still gets their money without pissing-off neighboring towns.
  10. Even fewer jobs created so no PILOT will be granted by Jeff County and more tax revenue for taxing authorities.

Both Wind and solar are dumb Ideas for Galloo.


Anonymous said...

Not sure of the topography of Galloo Island, but generally a solar project of this magnitude would begin with completely leveling the entire surface area of the project. Hard to imagine DEC or the Corps of Engineers, or anyone with half a brain would advocate for such a destructive treatment of an environmentally sensitive area.

A dumb idea indeed!

Anonymous said...

oh come on!
You just want people to use less energy at no effort but screwing in a light bulb. What a dumb idea. Almost unAmerican. Let's screw the island instead. What kind of name is Galloo anyway

Anonymous said...

Plausible idea.

But Moore is a wind guy. Wind is what he does.

It does not matter much to him if his project is bad one or not.

He's a wind guy. It's what he does.

Anonymous said...

If we had the benefit of seeing a high quality visual simulation of what this particular wind project would look like after it's built, there would be angry and vocal opposition coming out of the woodwork.
People familiar with the view of Wolfe Island must, in the meantime, try to imagine turbine towers twice as tall as those with proportionately greater blade length - with blade tip speed being greater (poor birds) and producing more noise - noise that will easily be carried ashore with the wind.
Those of you who live along the shore of the Lake, please pay attention before this abomination gains life.

Anonymous said...

Oh common again, what's a few birds and loss of personal safety and peace? As long as wind folks stuff dollars into their jeans. And look at all those jobs! Those three folks will be happy as clams.

Art Pundt said...

7:17 Visual simulations????

Don't put ANY trust in wind developer visual simulations. I have seen a number of simulations over the years from various developer's projects in the east and west and you can guarantee they will significantly down play the impacts.

I have two degrees in the visual arts and I can tell you they use all kinds of subtle visual tricks to fool your eye. Like putting a tall object in the foreground to mess with the perspective and make the turbines seem smaller.

They also use inappropriate lenses to manipulate the scene, and in Cape Vincent I caught them removing a tall radio tower that could have been used to compare to their towers which would have given an accurate impact and size.

And remember we are talking about flat glacial terrain and a flat water body and this will dramatically enhance any impact when huge towers are placed in this environment.

Visual impact is not only measured in size but also in context. Wind turbines are so out of context to nearly all landscapes they stick out like a sore thumb.

And remember most sims will be still photos. Movement is a huge factor in attracting the eye and they won't represent that...another visual scam.

Visual simulations...be careful what you wish for!

Outraged Again said...

Visual simulations of the what the Galloo project would look like, day and night, from various vantage points and from various distances, should be the first thing Mr. Moore should lay on the table if he wants any credibility at all.

But he certainly won't do that for reasons that should be obvious to anyone.

Anonymous said...

If you want or need a visual simulation, just look to the north at the Wolfe Island wind mess. what more do you need?? Your eyes will see what is real.