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Monday, March 30, 2015

The NYS DEC has Galloo Island listed in their 2014 Draft Open Space plan


A major New York State resource consisting of islands, sand dunes, bluffs, embayments, wetlands, major tributaries, lake plains, significant bat and avian migratory flyways, opportunities for shoreline and island access and other significant natural and cultural resources. This system begins at the St. Lawrence River in Jefferson County and extends to the New York/Pennsylvania border on Lake Erie. The near shore areas, drowned river mouths, and riparian corridors provide spawning and nursery habitat for various fish species, including those that are threatened and endangered, such as lake sturgeon. This area also provides nesting, feeding and resting habitat for waterfowl.

Galloo Island, the largest undeveloped island on Lake Ontario, measuring approximately 3½ miles by 1½ miles or 1,934 acres, is just one of the undeveloped islands worthy of attention.


Anonymous said...

We should oppose this draft consideration by the DEC. We don't need the heavy hand of State bureaucracy to tell us which open spaces are valuable. We can protect Galloo Island and these other areas without the intervention of State agencies. Who do these people think they are? The owners of Galloo Island can decide what to do with their land without regulations or recommendations from the State. What is the net value of designating Galloo Island as a valuable open space? I would urge every elected official in this region to protest the State interference in how this land is designated until an objective study is conducted to determine if it is a net benefit to the region. Well, actually I wouldn't wait until that objective study is conducted, or finished, I would urge leaders to protest now and demand the State to relieve the DEC of its authority in this matter.

Join us now in ridding ourselves of unwanted interference by State government, and remove Galloo Island from this list of spaces worthy of attention.

signed, the anti-SASS, anti-government coalition of Northern New York

Anonymous said...

Thank you for finding and posting this very important document.

We know what motivates a wind developer - the pay day.

But the State of New York? That is harder to understand. We know there are some in some agencies who think that any wind turbine is a good wind turbine. Hopefully the narrow perspective that ignores true environmentalism with not prevail.

Art Pundt said...

So 11:52 I would be very curious to know your stand on the state's Art. 10 process for siting electric generation facilities.

Anonymous said...

Pundt, Art.X is guvment interference. Just 'cause the legislature passed the law doesn't mean we locals have to follow it. What's the net value of ART.X for this region? Mr. Droz says we shouldn't accept any State program unless we know its net value. Well, actually I guess he says we shouldn't accept any State program. Did anyone do an objective assessment of the net value of ART.X?? You probbly don't even know. You anti-windys are all alike,gettin in bed with the State.

Art Pundt said...

6:14 You made a broad erroneous assumption about my position about Art 10. This tell me a lot about your thinking.

I am fully opposed to A-10 and the removal of our home rule rights. There is NO net value to it...that is just the way Droz muddies the water.

I asked the question because I find the hypocrisy of many pro people hating govt interference right up until they think Art 10 may work in their favor to get the wind turbines they want.

And don't talk to me about John Droz. I was one of the very first people he contacted way back in 2006 in the CV wind battle and he asked me to submit input to his very first anti wind presentations, and I made sure he was invited to our area and CV.

However, I am not one of the anti SASS people who have suddenly found a religion in going against everything that is govt. just because it is govt That is completely absurd and one dimensional thinking.

That fact that you have made such broad assumptions about me and what I might believe just makes my case, and makes me question you're credibility on this issue.

And by the way before you spout off and mimic the John Droz mantra, you should know something.

John Droz is mainly about John Droz and his ego.

Frustrated said...


I am very happy to have you make it clear that you are making your own distinctions about what is good for the Thousand Islands and what isn't.

Droz is tapping into and exploiting some extraneous local negative feelings for whatever purpose may be in his head. I have some fundamental disagreements with you but it is good that you understand that John Droz is not focused on saving the Thousand Islands. He has a separate agenda.

Art Pundt said...


I parted ways with Droz some time ago,that is new, although I agree with his basic anti wind message.

Later he would send out ideas and documents where he claimed he was seeking input. But when I provided input he always came back with negative responses.

After a while it became abundantly clear he was seeking approval and stroking of his ego...not honest input.

I just got tried of that nonsense.

As for the 1000 Islands, it is a place(among others) that has sustained me spiritually basically since birth.

I have had one agenda when industrial wind moved in, and that was to keep it or any invasive industrial development out, even by more radical means if needed realizing the deep negative impact it would have on the region. I am not against all development, but it has to be reasonable, and aesthetically compatible with our beautiful region, no matter what it is.

Thus I support SASS.

If all the wind farms that have been or are proposed come to fruition we will be looking at the wholesale environmental sacrifice of an entire region.

It is insane...and unacceptable.

And as you probably know I don't feel many towns and environmental groups have taken the appropriate or proportional steps needed to really protect our region particularly from industrial wind.

My interest in preserving the 1000 is not new. In the late 1970's I tried to raise an interest among some agencies and groups to save Carleton Island since it was mostly undeveloped at the time and was the site of a historic fort.

Thanks for posting my comments.

Anonymous said...

great Galloo should secede from the union NOW

Anonymous said...

Droz is a parasite. Laughing all the way behind the backs of the fools he has put out in front of the parade. laughable if it weren't dangerous

Anonymous said...

Pundt, You ain't foolin noone. Mr. Droz warned us bout you and some of your other wind buddies. Said you would turn on him if he stood on the opposite side of ya.

Howard Demick told me himself that Mr. Droz knows what he's talking about. He's a scientist and is used to folks attacking his reasoning.

In Hammond we ain't afraid of big wind and we don't need SASS to help us fight it. You ever heard of Mr. Droz's Master Resource? He's wrote a wind law that folks can use to argue against the ART.10 people, if some corporation tries to put turbines in their town. You shudda stayed his friend, cause he's got the right answers. Sure as hell knows what he's talking bout when it comes to government stickin their noses in towns business.

If you like the 1000 Islands so much you should be spreadin the word about Mr. Droz's wind law, stead of gettin in bed with New York State to get in the way of citizens building up their businesses.

Signed, the anti-SASS, anti-government coalition of northern New York

Art Pundt said...


Well Droz has fooled you. I have read his wind law and it isn't any better than anyone else's law.

And has he explained to you that no matter how damn good he or you think his wind law is, the state can simply preempt it with Art. 10.

Would you bet on a game where the opposing side can simply change the score at will.

THAT is what Droz has you believing and betting on. And he has zero proof it will work under those conditions.

Besides if Droz is such a genius about govt sticking its nose in your business, then why is he writing govt endorsed wind laws to participate in an insidious govt endorsed process where govt removed your home rule rights?

Maybe the genius can explain that one to you.

Anonymous said...

You got it wrong Pundt. Mr. Droz didn't write any guvment endorsed wind law,whatever that is . His law is for the people to fight the guvment, just like we're fightin SASS. These people say they want to protect the 1000 Islands, but can't do it without SASS. Mr. Droz has a good way to fight off big wind, if people just listen to him. Look how well we fought off the SASS by taking his advice.

Anti-SASS, anti-governemnt coalition.

Anonymous said...

Droz is no "scientist". Check out his resume. MA in what? Yes. physics? Check out his "thesis". Only how many publications? only in the newspaper. He couldn't get a job as a lecturer in a community college. Don't think so? Please, stop making yourself look foolish.
why does he push you fools forward with his nonsense while he remains behind the curtain blowing smoke?
All he needs is a flute (only knows a few notes) and leads you dopes over the edge of the cliff.
As for Demick's endorsement, where did he graduate from? There's a real authority on "science". Wow, "Howard Demick himself"! The wizard of Hammond! What a thriving metropolis. Is he taking applications? Stupid is as stupid does. Sir, you find yourself over matched. Keep following Howard Himself the magnificent and see where that gets you. Find another place to have coffee besides Ned's you may find other perspectives.

Anonymous said...

At least Guvment guy you have the good sense to admit it was Droz that
lead you all to the dance. i bet he's going to cringe when he reads that. What have you gained? Showed the guvment what? Also, return your unemployment check, food stamps, medicaid card and other guvment stuff tomorrow.

Anti pretty much everything said...

I think we should get rid of the biggest government presence in the area - Fort Drum. That will show 'em!

Anti-SASS, anti-government coalition

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:04, I ain't afraid to admit nothing. John Droz is a smart man who can see unnecessary government interference for what it is. The people of Hammond are glad to accept his advice, and are better off for it. Seems the rest of the area is going to listen to his advice also. He don't need to live here to know what's best for us. If it weren't for his part the damn SASS people would have pulled the wool over everyone's eyes.

Anti-SASS, anti-government coalition

Anonymous said...

So you are a fool requiring a ego maniac to lead you? Please 6:06,
return to your cave and wait for the next pied piper. And when your town collapses around you, which it will (it is more than half way there) maybe you can get a hand out from Droz or the Demicks -- doubtful though. But don't look around asking "what the hell happened?". You have met the enemy and it is you. Wake up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 6:06 the last was meant for 10:28 unless that's you too.