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Monday, March 2, 2015

US Wind Industry Follows "Starbucks Rule" For Turbine Siting

Business Week reports that the best way to expedite wind farm construction in the USA is to bypass the gale forces of "not in my back yard" local opposition. The industry's rule-of-thumb for averting NIMBY totally is to propose no project locations closer than 30 miles to the nearest Starbucks.
Any closer and there'd be too many NIMBYs who'd object to having their views spoiled by a cluster of 265-foot-tall wind towers. Continue reading...


Anonymous said...

There ya go! lets get busy pushing for a Starbucks in Clayton. We can forget about SASS, ART.X, pilot agreements, - kiss the whole wind thing goodbye!!

Anonymous said...

Why not? The coffee is not cheap. But it's very good.