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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why is IBERDROLA interested in the effort to kill SASS?

  The Galloo Island wind project is back on the table proving that wind is not dead in the Golden Crescent and  the Thousand Islands.
Not long ago an extraordinary effort was launched in Hammond NY to kill the SASS initiative. 
Additionally, the pro wind in Cape Vincent were anxious to kill SASS without letting on that they still have aspirations of big wind.

And Iberdrola was interested in the efforts to kill SASS.

Is this all just coincidental or something more ominous?

Last March Iberdrola was a frequent visitor to my blog
Statt counter blog visitor report
their interest was centered around posts concerned with the efforts to kill SASS.

 links visited by IBERDROLA

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Anonymous said...

It all makes sense. Has Iberdrola ever really left? They certainly never said they were not coming back.
The last thing a wind developer would want to deal with would be some new official scenic designation for the area.
And we see telltale signs of local efforts to undermine local officials who have openly opposed to wind development.

Anonymous said...

Once again, congratulations are in order for the Demicks, Chapmans and Cory Tanner! And Kudos to the members of the town board who have opted out of SASS. You have reopened the door to big wind in Hammond! Let the digging begin and the turbines roll into town. How far away can an Article 10 be? Starting to be filed up river. Yeah, right it's not going to happen here! That's what you said the last time. Who are you going to call on this time to save your bacon. Your arrogance may have sealed your fate. Hope you like the view from your back yard. There are more than rumors that the advanced guard is sniffing around for possible lease holders around town and there are plenty of takers!

Mystified said...

The willingness of people to do dumb things adverse to their own interests is one of the great mysteries of humankind

Anonymous said...

Cory Tanner,(or whoever was coaching him)), states -"The SASS part is a trivial, coincidental matter that has little, if any, influence," when discussing the fact that there are no industrial turbines in either of the two existing SASS areas of New York.

Somehow I doubt that Iberdrola feels the same.

When it comes to wind development, the principle weapon that the 1000 Islands region possesses is the potential impairment of its scenic value.

Iberdrola, and any other wind developer is probably licking its chops at the thought that this regional effort for a SASS has been deflated. Imagine the inter-department e-mails- "bring on the ART.10 review" or " These fools just passed on a SASS designation, we're in like flynn"

Anonymous said...

Yep, these fools just passed on a New York Statewide Area of Scenic Significance designation. Good Housekeeping seal of approval. Only two others in the state. And all paid for already with state money and the sweat of others. Sad. Their fear and paranoia and arrogance will come back to bite them. Hope they reconsider before it is too late.

Art Pundt said...

Although I agree with getting the SASS designation and its benefits that is not where the real power is to protect the 1000 Islands region.

This argument over SASS is somewhat misplaced. Why wait for SASS when we already have far more significant power delegated to us directly from the state legislature in NY Town Law.

That power lies in the comprehensive plans and zoning of the communities along the river and eastern lake.

Here is what the state's NY Town Law says.

"Among the most important powers and duties granted by the legislature to a town government is the authority and responsibility to undertake town comprehensive planning and to regulate land use for the purpose of protecting the public health, safety and general welfare of its citizens."

Note that part about "Among the most important powers"

Since industrial wind energy is probably the foremost threat to our scenic region (look at Wolfe Is.) these comp planning and zoning powers should be brought to bear.

Yet sadly along the river every town without exception as far as I know has zoned FOR wind power not against it.

Some of those laws are restrictive but they generally acommodate wind development in some form rather than grasp that wind energy is to big of an impact to be mitigated by traditional zoning. The 1000 Is. Regional Assessment for SASS actually says the structures the size of wind turbines can not be mitigated.

If there is no mitigation then the solution is to prohibit.

The better alternative, with more political punch is for people wanting to protect the region to force their community govts to prohibit wind development.

You are missing the boat. If communities from Cape Vincent to Hammond unified to prohibit industrial wind and partnering with the county it would represent a large political force that could even be brought to bear against Art 10.

Instead communities have shrunk from this solution in fear of the state's Art 10 process when in fact they should take it head on.

SASS is fine, but sitting around waiting for SASS is not where
the real solution is.

Use the power granted by the state and politically force it back upon the state to uphold.

I think Iberdrola etc would fear that far more than any SASS designation.

Anonymous said...

Divulging personal information about your readers certainly smacks at any honesty or credibility your blog has. Do you threaten them, too, if they do something you don't like? Even the porn industry has a code they follow.

Anonymous said...

Needless to say, Iberdrola's sniffing and Bill Moore's resuscitation of the Galloo project have wet the appetites of the wind lease-holding community of Hammond, Clayton and Cape Vincent. Imagine, every night kneeling beside their beds, closing their eyes and praying to God for wind to come back and spread wind's goodness across their land.

If the thought of this makes you sick, then SASS can help. It is one more tool, or arrow for the quiver, that can be used to foil the interest and plans of industrial wind developers, who could give a hoot for the Thousand Islands and its scenic beauty and its future. SASS, a comprehensive plan and good zoning are the best defenses against an Article 10 application for a community. The anti's know this and it explains their visceral dislike of SASS.

The Cape's pro-wind forces must think everyone is so stupid not to notice how they complained of "funny lights", but neglected to mention SASS's thumbs-down treatment of industrial wind that immediately preceded the discussion of lighting. We noticed and it gave away your real concern about SASS. Their intent is to kill SASS and then through a different board kill the Cape's Comp Plan and new zoning law. Take back the Cape means once again opening their arms for a warm embrace of industrial wind.

No doubt, anti-SASS in Cape Vincent is pro-wind wanting to keep their options open, and hoping someone will revive the BP and Acciona plans to carpet bomb the Cape with 600 ft industrial pin wheels. Stories about Galloo Island and Iberdrola's sniffing are just so tantalizing and stimulating.

Wake up Cape Vincent, the wind cabal is awakened and at it again. Imagine, more lease-holders in power, more conflicts of interest, and backroom deals to change zoning laws. Maybe it is time to stop being fat, dumb and happy and get trim and prepare to once again to battle. Our town's future is at stake.

Mad as Hell said...

You put very well, Anonymous. You are exactly right about SASS.

Mad as Hell said...

You put it very well, Anonymous. You are exactly right about SASS.