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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Copenhagen Wind Farm update

COPENHAGEN — The town of Denmark is waiting on OwnEnergy, Inc. to complete the detailed engineering work for the Copenhagen Wind Farm Holdings LLC project.Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

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Art Pundt said...

Let's get real!!!

In this article it's claimed this wind farm will produce 35% ( capacity factor of 35%) of its 79.9 MW capacity. That is a real propaganda stretch that flies directly in face of the actual facts on record for wind energy production in NYS.

A chart produced in 2010 by the NY Independent System Operator (electric grid manager) showed the average capacity factor of all NYS wind farms at that time for several years was a paltry 22% of capacity, and none of them came anywhere close to 35%. 35% is a pipe dream.

Even the Maple Ridge Wind Farm nearby was only able to average about 25% capacity factor. A number of years ago I was in the Maple Ridge control room and asked the wind engineer about their summer capacity factors. His response was that Aug. of that year "sucked" with only a 17% capacity factor for the month and not much better for the ret of the summer.

So using the more realistic NYISO chart average of 22%capacity factor you get 22% of capacity or 17.5 MW...not 28MW.

Or the other way to look at this, is for all the money thrown at this wind farm in subsidies, and all the negatives environmental impacts, this wind farm is not likely to use near 78% of it's capacity!!!

It is just plain absurd!