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Monday, April 13, 2015

TILT has benefited our river communities

I would like to take the opportunity to relate some personal experience with the Thousand Islands Land Trust.

A few years ago, many of our friends and neighbors learned that we had massive infestations of pale swallow-wort on our properties. This is an extremely invasive, non-native plant species that spreads rapidly and chokes out the native plants and grasses. It can quickly devastate farmlands, woods and meadows and create havoc with the 1000 Islands ecosystem. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times


Grateful said...

Great letter. Thanks to Mr. Bertram for speaking out with a clear head and a committed heart.

Anonymous said...

Yes sad that the small minded folks of his town have sabotaged all efforts to move the town into the 20th let alone 21st century.
Their arrogance has cost them an arm and leg and they don't even realize it. He has been the only visionary in that dying community for decades. Wake up! There is a silent majority there who let themselves be intimidated and let the town down as well. Common you voted him in to get moving! but the idiots have made the movement backwards!