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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Clayton receives $50,000 for library, arena improvements

CLAYTON — The town has received $50,000 from the state toward upgrades to the Depauville Free Library and the Cerow Recreation Park arena. Continue via this link to the Watertown Timese.


Art Pundt said...

$50,000 from the State for Clayton improvements?????

I wonder how the anti-SASS anti State govt. people feel about that?

They probably shouldn't be allowed to use any services that the state helped to fund now or in the past with money like this.

But I'm betting since it is $$$$$ coming from the State to the area and they might benefit from it they won't say a peep about State interference!

Ssssshhhhhh...It's a conspiracy!!!

Actually I heard funding for the library and the arena is just a front. The money actually is to fund state spies to look for people violating Cuomo's Safe Act, and fund goon squads to take away your guns, and weed out those anti SASS anti State people!!!!!

If you go to the Clayton library or the arena now I would be sure to wear your tinfoil hat so the state can't read you brain waves!!!

Besides it's all over the news that the federal govt is going to take over Utah and Texas, and it's disguised as a huge military "exercise". It's called Jade Helm 15.

The governor of Texas is even nervous. No kidding...look it up!

So hide your guns, New York is probably next!!!

TI said...

Don't take the money, Clayton!

Pundt is right. This will lead to "a new layer of regulation!"

Or at least some "implied regulation."

Whatever. It is the heavy hand of government trying to put a yoke on our necks again. Run away!

Just Curious said...

What about the studies to see if it is a "net benefit?" What strings are attached to this offer?

What about the process?

Was it tainted by a library special interest group?

These are key questions that I have been asking repeatedly, but nobody wants to answer.