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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Researchers map bird migrations to avoid turbine collisions

Preliminary data suggest the birds stay close to shore missing a 125-square-mile zone established for possible wind farms, including one between 12 and 27 miles off the coast of Maryland expected to host 125 wind turbines

Galloo Island  Wind complex as proposed 2010
Researchers have spent the last three years mapping the path migrating birds take from their winter homes to their summer breeding grounds as wind turbines spring up along the Atlantic Coast, posing a potential threat to avian travelers. Continue...
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Blowback: Wind farms run afoul of neighbors, regulators

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service East Lansing office director Scott Hicks said his agency has "consistently recommended" throughout Michigan avoiding installing wind turbines in a 3-mile area around the Great Lakes. Continue...

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