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Monday, August 3, 2015

Galloo Island Wind ~ It was only by accident that most of us became aware of this original project

March 11, 2015
To: Don Alexander
Re: Galloo Island (Again!)

I read with much interest the Monday front page news article on the supposed support for a revived Galloo Island industrial wind project.

Please do not assume you can speak to how the population of Henderson might feel about this project. I will not speak for other Henderson Harbor residents, but I will make it known to you and the rest of the JCIDA board that as a water front tax payer and resident of Henderson Harbor I am totally opposed to this project and will do what ever is necessary to see that it never comes to fruition.

First, the thought of flashing red lights in the sky 6 or 7 miles from my home is my recurring nightmare. Twenty four miles away on Wolfe Island, admittedly on a clear night, I can see the tower lights. Higher towers, only 6 or 7 miles away will be clearly and obtrusively visible. From Route 3, during the day, the towers on Wolfe Island are clearly visible and give every appearance of an industrial facility.

Second, Galloo Island in its current natural state is home for much wildlife and migrating wildlife. Eagles have been increasingly sighted here along the Henderson shoreline. They are a protected species. No doubt the blades of industrial wind towers are killing many flying species and nobody seems to care. But I do and I know of several organizations that care very much even if our federal government and state government apparently doesn't.

Third, Galloo Island in its current natural state is part of the natural island formation located in the early entrance ways to the St. Lawrence River. The thought Galloo Island would become an industrial site sickens me.

Wolfe Island used to be a beautiful island. I, like many others, enjoyed the trip across the land to take the ferry to Kingston. Wolfe Island is now an industrial zone.

Fourth, I am totally opposed to any concept of discouraging public discussion of the Galloo Island project at any stage of the project. Keeping folks up to date as appropriate through e-mails is completely unacceptable.

Keep in mind the experience the last time around with the then proposed Galloo Island project. It was only by a query from a nearby friend that I and other Henderson Harbor residents discovered what was underway, totally unknown to most residents. Secret contracts had already been negotiated with certain selected landowners who would profit by having the transmission towers built on their land, most had no idea of the

transmission lines that would cross over their property and certainly most residents had no idea what so ever about the visible impact of an industrial wind facility on Galloo Island.

OK, an underwater cable is less obtrusive, but the visual impact is still very much there and has a dramatic impact on future lake front property values and our recreation based economy

DEC documentation on the project mysteriously disappeared from our local library, was never made visible at our town hall and at that time the town official who was supposed to keep Henderson residents informed totally failed in performing that task.

It was only by accident that most of us became aware of this original project. We will not tolerate that ever happening again.

I recall very well the exchange you and I had at the Henderson Town Board. You incorrectly assumed it would be great for Henderson.

After the discovery about what was going on it was clear that many of our residents were totally opposed.

Even though the prior Galloo Island project never came to fruition, those of us involved in the opposition have remained in touch and aware of the economic facts associated with industrial wind. I won’t go into all the details, but suffice it to say that industrial wind power, without massive government subsidies is not economically viable.

The whole concept of a PILOT, at least as I understand it, is that temporary tax relief is granted because the project brings permanent jobs to the community. Permanent jobs with wind towers is a political farce. You know it and so does everyone else that ever looked at it. If in doubt look at Wolfe Island.

And finally, just to be sure I am clear on this point, your entire concept of keeping us informed as you or JCIDA sees appropriate is totally unacceptable given the secrecy with which other wind projects have been slipped into a community. Wolfe Island is a perfect example of government over reach. Local folks, other than those that might profit by the towers knew zip until the towers started appearing. I have personally visited a totally distressed Wolfe Island resident on this issue.

In Henderson, the entire original Galloo Island project proposal was introduced under the radar, by design. I know that for a fact. I was deeply involved from the very beginning and will join the opposition again.

If you wish to discuss any of these points with me in detail, please call me at XXX-XXXX or e-mail me

I am dead set against this project and will continue to be so.

Bob Ashodian

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