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Friday, August 7, 2015



Update: August 07/2015
3:47 PM
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has acknowledged they have received my request for documents regarding the Industrial wind project on Galloo Island,N.Y. t
See email below post.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pursuant to the rules of the New York State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment (“Siting Board”), Hudson North Country Wind 1,LLC (Hudson Energy Development) submitted an application under Article 10 to construct a major electric generating facility on Galloo Island,NY.
Hudson’s Public Involvement Program (PIP) under the Article 10 process identifies New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) as a “Host Landowner.” They also define a host landowner as “...landowners with whom the Applicant has entered into a lease, easement or purchase option agreement.”

This tells me that NYSDEC is an integral part of the project.

I submitted a FOIL request to NYSDEC Thursday July 30th via email inquiring about their involvement in the Galloo Island Industrial Wind project.

Under the FOIL law an agency has 5 business days to grant or deny access in whole or in part to a request.Today is day number 6.

The NYSDEC’s failure to respond is considered a denial under the law.

My next option is to appeal within 30 days of this denial. If they fail to respond to my appeal in 10 business days I can then file an article 78.

In their PIP Hudson Energy failed to provide any details of their host agreement with NYSDEC, and now NYSDEC has refused to explain their involvement as well.

This speaks volumes for the so called open and fair Article 10 process, and Hudson Energy’s PIP.

What is the NYSDEC and Hudson Energy hiding?
Foil Request


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Anonymous said...

Gosh, when Cape Vincent had to deal with the ART X folks, they were very fair and open minded. The Town even thanked them in a heartwarming letter. Must be the change in leadership at the DEC has had an impact.

Anonymous said...

DEC is hiding something in Albany. Follow the money. Call the federal corruption investigators. Albany is full of corruption - which is the only way this project could get done.