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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bill seeks to ban shipping crude oil on Great Lakes

Todd Spangler, Detroit Free Press

Mackinac Bridge ~ Straits of Mackinac

WASHINGTON — With a safety drill of a controversial pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac under way this week, Michigan's U.S. senators announced legislation requiring a comprehensive review of hazardous materials pipelines in the region and banning shipments of crude oil by vessels plying the Great Lakes. Continue reading via this link to the Detroit Free Press

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Local Leaders Discuss Future Energy Production

You probably haven't heard of a microgrid, but some believe it could be the future of energy production in the north country.

The Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency says a microgrid would provide renewable, cheaper power produced at individual facilities.

The idea was laid out to county and industry leaders Tuesday.

Continue reading via this link to WNYTV7

Nuclear Power is Critical to New York’s Future

Posted on September 14, 2015 by Contributor

 A legislative Column by Assemblyman Will Barclay

Last week brought the unwelcome news that Entergy, the company that owns and operates the FitzPatrick nuclear plant in Oswego County, is considering shutting down the facility.
If this is to come to pass, the consequences to the local community and Central New York would be catastrophic.Continue reading via this link to Oswego CountyTODAY

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Inside Entergy's threat: What would save FitzPatrick nuclear plant?

SCRIBA, N.Y. – What does Entergy Corp. want?
The company told investors Thursday that it might shutter the unprofitable FitzPatrick nuclear plant in Oswego County. But it did not say what factors will drive the decision.Continue reading via this link to Syracuse.com

Friday, September 11, 2015

Town of Somerset hires Vacco in legal fight against Apex wind power project

 September 11, 2015

SOMERSET – The Town of Somerset has hired former state Attorney General Dennis C. Vacco to lead a legal fight against Apex Clean Energy’s proposed wind power project, and Apex may have to pay for it.

A mail-in survey this spring in Somerset showed that a majority of residents – from 55 percent to 67 percent depending on the various scenarios offered in the survey – opposed the project.Continue reading via this link to the Buffalo News

  Recently We were driving along the shores of Lake Ontario in the area where Apex Clean Energy is proposing a wind project, and we spotted anti wind signs scattered from Somerset Niagara county into Waterport Orleans county NY . A distance of approximately 17 miles. 

To be fair we did spot one sign in favor of wind.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Entergy might close FitzPatrick nuclear plant in CNY

SCRIBA, N.Y. – Entergy Corp. will decide soon whether to shut down its financially ailing FitzPatrick nuclear plant in Oswego County, which employs about 600 workers and is one of the county's biggest taxpayers.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The passenger ship Hamburg navigates the mighty St. Lawrence

The passenger ship Hamburg was passing through the Thousand Islands yesterday on her way to Windsor Ontario


Friday, September 4, 2015

Why the Cape loved its Big White Knight

The other memory about Brooks that we should never forget is his "Redolent Speech" the night Cape Democrats/CFG, including Marty Mason, Donny Mason and Mickey Orvis  passed the illegal law to take away the voting rights of seasonal voters in Cape Vincent. Brooks was brilliant and eloquent. He was the Cape’s White Knight who led the charge to protect the rights of the people he served and loved:

Urban : "Brooks, you have any comments."

Brooks: "Yeah I do. Ah, first I disagree respectfully with Mr. Wiley. I think that there are approximately 5,200 seasonal residents in the town of cape Vincent and there are approximately 2,700 year round residents in the town of Cape Vincent. The people who have come here and invested a substantial amount of capital, a high percentage of everything that they own, have a right to express themselves on issues that exist in Cape Vincent and those rights are expressed in existing laws. This law here frivolously overrules an existing law that is run competently by the current board of elections in Watertown. I don’t think we have even remotely the right to do that, in addition the issue has become redolent of self-interest, redolent of wind, redolent of getting money directly for one selves. With all respect for my board members, whom I care for very genuinely, they should not be running for office and they should not be proposing a vote to curtail votes in their favor, which is nothing more than self-interest. I think this is a completely frivolous distorted attempt to twist around what’s going on in Cape Vincent and bypass the high ethics, legitimate, responsible, and common good orientation that is the history of this Village and this town and we should not go along with it I think that this is just garbage."

Oh how we all miss this good man.

Clif Schneider
September 05,2015

Great Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary (NMS) Proposal

For the first time in nearly 20 years the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has opened up the application process to add new National Marine Sanctuaries to the 14 already established regions in the world. This unique opportunity has prompted four Lake Ontario counties (Jefferson, Oswego, Cayuga and Wayne) and the City of Oswego to apply for status for the southeastern Lake Ontario region. Each community brings its strengths and interests to the table in an effort to ensure that the natural, cultural and historic resources that we cherish and enjoy can be experienced by others for generations to come. To succeed, the process begins with community support. It's important to understand what an NMS is and what it means for our community and industries.

A Remembrance of Brooks Bragdon (1947-2015)

 CAPE VINCENT, N.Y.  —  Funeral services for Brooks P.J. Bragdon will be held 11 a.m. Saturday Sept. 5, at St. Johns Episcopal Church in Cape Vincent with The Very Rev. John J. Crosswaite, Rector. Burial will follow the funeral service in St. John’s Cemetery, Cape Vincent.
Mr. Bragdon passed away on April 15  in Watertown.

Arrangements are under the direction of Cleveland Funeral Home, Cape Vincent.

Brooks loved the Town of Cape Vincent its history and its people. 

October 23, 2012 was one of those nights and moments where Brooks Bragdon shined his brightest. It was the first public meeting after BP filed their Article 10 application for their Cape Vincent Wind Project. Many of you may recall that particular evening where elected and appointed officials from Cape Vincent and Lyme met with Richard Chandler, BP's new project director, to ask him questions about BP's project.

I was sitting next to Brooks that night. As we waited our turn to question Mr. Chandler we had a little banter about our questioning. I asked if he was prepared to do battle and if he was going take Chandler to the mat? He brushed off my question and said, "Clif, I want you to assure me that you won't lose your cool." "I want you to promise me you won't embarrass me, use profanity or otherwise make a fool of yourself." I laughed and told him not to worry.
I finished my little part of the questioning and Brooks began with his interrogation of Mr. Chandler: Do you know our town is primarily an aesthetic community? Are you familiar with our comprehensive plan? He continued to badger Mr. Chandler telling him how important our town’s plan and zoning law was to Cape Vincent. At the same time he was demanding that Chandler look him in the face and giving him a wake-up hello when Chandler seemed puzzled and dazed. He told Chandler he was prepared to work with him if he and BP were willing to accept and work within the bounds of our plans and law. If not he shouted, then we will have an adversarial relation.
My favorite line of Brook's questioning and my favorite line of the night was his complete and utter disregard to his entreaty to me to keep my cool, "Mr. Chandler I'm asking you, to cut the bullshit and tell us if you are going to work within our zoning law or not?"
Brooks was best known for his keen mind, quick wit and eloquence that showed bright most nights as he represented the people of Cape Vincent. But, I also loved the other side of his personality that few had the privilege of seeing - the tenacious brawler who played lineman for Williams College football. That tenacity was properly disguised most of the time, but it was very much a part of what made him special, why he was so effective as a town official and why I liked him as a friend.

Clif Schneider

Video of Brooks Bragdon confronting 

BP Project Developer Richard Chandler

Thursday, September 3, 2015