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Friday, September 4, 2015

Why the Cape loved its Big White Knight

The other memory about Brooks that we should never forget is his "Redolent Speech" the night Cape Democrats/CFG, including Marty Mason, Donny Mason and Mickey Orvis  passed the illegal law to take away the voting rights of seasonal voters in Cape Vincent. Brooks was brilliant and eloquent. He was the Cape’s White Knight who led the charge to protect the rights of the people he served and loved:

Urban : "Brooks, you have any comments."

Brooks: "Yeah I do. Ah, first I disagree respectfully with Mr. Wiley. I think that there are approximately 5,200 seasonal residents in the town of cape Vincent and there are approximately 2,700 year round residents in the town of Cape Vincent. The people who have come here and invested a substantial amount of capital, a high percentage of everything that they own, have a right to express themselves on issues that exist in Cape Vincent and those rights are expressed in existing laws. This law here frivolously overrules an existing law that is run competently by the current board of elections in Watertown. I don’t think we have even remotely the right to do that, in addition the issue has become redolent of self-interest, redolent of wind, redolent of getting money directly for one selves. With all respect for my board members, whom I care for very genuinely, they should not be running for office and they should not be proposing a vote to curtail votes in their favor, which is nothing more than self-interest. I think this is a completely frivolous distorted attempt to twist around what’s going on in Cape Vincent and bypass the high ethics, legitimate, responsible, and common good orientation that is the history of this Village and this town and we should not go along with it I think that this is just garbage."

Oh how we all miss this good man.

Clif Schneider
September 05,2015

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Anonymous said...

He was a brilliant man and great human being.