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Friday, October 30, 2015

 Iberdrola confirms they remain interested in the Clayton Horse Creek Wind Farm!

  A story in this evenings online edition of the Watertown Daily Times confirms that Iberdrola is still interested in developing Clayton's Horse Creek Wind Farm

“We remain interested in the site,” Paul N. Copleman A spokesman for the developer said Thursday, although he could not say whether the project could soon be revived.

Additionally, Copleman also told the Times ~ The developer still has meteorological towers and land leases at the 9,450-acre Clayton site, he said, and the project remains actively listed on its website.
The project has not had official active status since April 2014, when it was removed by the developer from the New York Independent System Operator’s interconnection queue. The queue lists wind projects actively being planned across the state. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times


Anonymous said...

This post has added meaning, and should concern us, given the immediate preceeding post, that nationally Iberdrola is looking for projects to move forward and develop. Local leaders should hope Iberdrola goes elsewhere, because another wind project in the Thousand Islands (Wolfe Island being first) will surely open the area for continued development. How shortsighted were those who thought SASS was more NEEDLESS regulation. I contend Iberdrola would never had made this announcement had Clayton, Orleans and the Cape embraced SASS.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:17 am. I agree 100% with you. It is not too late for the Cape.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street in Clayton has Michael Ringer traveling for an extended stay in Denmark and the Netherlands. It will be an immersion project to study and draw industrial size wind turbines. Artistically, Ringer wants to be among the avant-garde who will move away from wooden boats, island homes and loons and embrace visually dynamic, industrial obscenities. I can wait to see his first offerings at his Clayton gallery. However, rumor has it that several river municipalities have subsidsized his stay in return for the first of his éoliennee nouveau art. Smart move.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, new challenges for dear Mikie. A whole new revenue stream as we tire of his "river life" stills. Guess this must be one reason why he wanted nothing to do with SASS -- needed new subjects to focus on. I'm sure he'll be very proud of his work. Perhaps he can work in the Wolf Island motif and Galloo once he and his friends find a way to erect some 600 footers. Nice Mike. Can't wait to see your new stuff. Will you be opening a special section in your galleries?

Anonymous said...

Hey Hammond! Check out Howard Demick's letter to all his voting constituents. He brags about voting SASS out as one of his big accomplishments! Yes, the same Demick who begged for help in keeping wind out of his back yard (yes literally his back yard)and used SASS supporters to get elected last go round. Now what Howard? who will you turn to with the wind wolves at your back door again. He's running(he thinks) "unopposed" but is begging for your votes to prove he was right. Why not go for the write-in candidate of your choice or at least vote but not for Howard. Between family and anti-SASS friends he should get about 40 votes. That would send a very nice message to Mr. Flip-Flop. BTW he also claims to have saved (single handed mind you -- not) the town $ but he forgets what he cost the town in legal fees in opposing SASS and the time he used (probably charged the town mileage)lobbying against the one thing that could have protected his beloved town from new wind development. This time Mr. D see how it feel to go it alone. Think not? that's what Clayton and the Cape thought too. Now Iberdrola is right around the corner puffing on your door. BTW what do you think certain other town board members (former lease holders) are thinking with a few more wind $ on the horizon. Good luck Mr. D and friends, good luck Hammond!