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Monday, October 26, 2015

Iberdrola pledges to build 446 MW of new wind generation in the U.S.

Iberdrola USA pledged to build at least another 446 MW of new wind generation in the U.S. and to pursue investments in transmission infrastructure in New England and New York to support the integration of renewable energy onto the grid. Continue reading via this link to POWER


Get With It said...

Wake up, Clayton.

Wake up, Orleans.

Wake up, Lyme

Anonymous said...

Some residents of Clayton, Lyme and Orleans are awake and engaged. These are the leaseholders who are paid by Iberdrola to lie quietly and await the Spanish wind developers return to the St. Lawrence River valley. While they waited they counted their cash and were beside themselves in glee when their elected officials chose to axe SASS, a Department of State designation that would have driven a stake in the heart of Iberdrola's Horse Creek project proposal. Officials killed SASS because they fretted over too much needless regulation. Oh my, imagine the needless regulation associated with Iberdrola's Article 10 application.

Deep Sigh said...

To anonymous at 8:11 am. Yes, the SOGGY's will come to see that their MISGUIDED OPPOSITION to a regional designation of significance, backed by an in depth inventory and scientific analysis, will help Iberdrola in the battle in this area. How ironic that the anti-wind folks were so quick to be so short sighted, so paranoid and so selfish. Shame is on them.