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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Jefferson County could learn lesson from tax break for Madison Wind Farm

Watertown Daily Times reporter
NOVEMBER 7, 2015 

When tax breaks for wind projects expire, will municipalities receive full property taxes to which they’re entitled? 

That’s a murky question that will have to be resolved soon for a seven-turbine, 11.5-megawatt wind project in Madison County, which benefited from a 15-year payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement that will end in 2016.
Don Alexander  & Bill Moore
But town officials say it appears improbable the company will voluntarily pay taxes it owes when the property is on the tax roll


Anonymous said...

The WDT just drove a stake deep into the heart of Hudson Energy and their Galloo Island Wind Farm proposal. Bye, bye Moore, Habig and Alexander

Anonymous said...

anon. don't get your hopes up too soon. Cuomo has his green bank, he might just give Moore a little boost to make up for no PILOT

Anonymous said...

I would think Iberdrola and their Horse Creek proposal will also feel a little heartburn over the lack of county support for a wind PILOT. Warneck is well respected among county representatives and his concerns will only help solidify the opinion of those legislators who think a wind PILOT is unfair to those county taxpayers who pay their full share. Why would anyone grant a PILOT to wind developers who we now know never intended to pay their full share of their local tax burden? Everyone should be keeping an eye on what transpires in Madison County.