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Saturday, December 19, 2015

APEX new owner of Galloo ~ Morphs Maryland Wind project into Solar, due to Community opposition

filed:  December 19, 2015 • Maryland

Wind project converting to solar  

CHESTERTOWN — The company planning a controversial wind farm in Kent County went back to the drawing board and came up with a new proposition — a 330-acre solar array.
Apex’s mission is to accelerate the shift to clean energy, and we are always trying to design the best projects possible for the specific communities in which we work. For the past year, we have been listening closely to community feedback about our proposed wind energy project,

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Apex could easily convert their proposed Galloo Island wind project into a Solar project and here is why they should.
Ten Best Reasons for Apex to Use Solar Instead of Wind on Galloo Island.
  1. Article 10 reasonable alternatives to the facility are required by PSL 164(i)
  2. Apex won't have to do a visual simulation for negative scenic impacts, since there are none.
  3. Bald eagles, other raptors and migrating waterfowl won't be chopped, diced and blended.
  4. Solar has no risk from a turbine failure fire destroying the entire and unique Galloo Island habitat.
  5. No blinking light disturbance from nighttime turbine lighting for lake-shore property owners.
  6. Solar is New York and Gov. Cuomo's preferred renewable energy alternative while wind is waning.
  7. No potential wind turbine infrasound health effects for lake-shore residents.
  8. No lake-shore property devaluation from degraded sunset views from 30, 500+ ft spinning turbines.
  9. Town of Hounsfield still gets their money without pissing-off neighboring towns.
  10. Even fewer jobs created so no PILOT will be granted by Jeff County and more tax revenue for taxing authorities.


Anonymous said...

If it makes sense to have a solar project on Galloo rather than wind, which it does, then why does the solar project have to be on the island? Why not put it in some farmer's field near Sackets?

Anonymous said...

Why not do a Solar in LaFargeville? Easier than Galloo.