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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Maine’s high court rejects Bowers Mountain wind power project

 The project in Penobscot County was first proposed six years ago, but never won regulators' approval – a decision affirmed Thursday by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

In the 12-page decision written by Chief Justice Leigh Saufley, the court examined portions of the 2004 Wind Energy Act, which allows for expedited permitting zones – areas naturally suited for wind power generation – to help head off challenges by groups that oppose wind turbines because they are unsightly.

The legislation stipulates that a project must not compromise views from scenic resources of state or national significance. 

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Anonymous said...

No doubt some of you readers are thinking,-hey isn't that what the SASS designation would have accomplished for the 1000 Islands Region??

Remember though, John Droz insisted that New York State would not honor such a criteria when it came to implementing its energy policy.

Disgusted said...

SASS would have been one more factor a developer would have had to overcome. And that would have been the benefit of having it. But poorly informed people blew it.