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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Officials join against wind project

 Somerset  Pro Versus Con

BARKER — Speaking to a crowd of a few hundred people inside the Barker Fire Hall, Jim Simon went from being a member of the audience to a leader addressing them.

Simon will become the town of Yates supervisor in January, putting him Tuesday on the same level as Somerset Supervisor Dan Engert; incoming Yates Councilman John Riggi; and former state attorney general Dennis Vacco.Continue...


Anonymous said...

Somerset and Yates are in a position to seriously challenge the basic premise of the ART.X process. If the opposition to industrial wind is truly as substantial as this article suggests, Mr. Simon should encourage his town to prohibit turbines. Why mess around arguing about setbacks and noise levels, when the State clearly has the cards stacked in their favor with the authority to pre-empt any regulations established by the town. An outright ban gives the State no room to bargain. It's time somebody has the gumption to say no to the State, and demand true home rule when it comes to land use.
Dave LaMora,

Anonymous said...

You want Hounsfield to exercise that same gumption and tell neighboring towns to go to hell?