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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Questionable water line hookup could snag sale of Cape Vincent house

According to a quote in the Watertown Daily Times, Donny Mason believes he has control over deciding if a prospective homeowner in water district #2  may use municipal water.

it will be “up to me and the new owner”
CAPE VINCENT — A bank is trying to sell a foreclosed house on Favret Road to an interested buyer, but the questionable legality of a water line connection to a neighboring property could sour the deal.

Former Town Councilman Donald J. Mason, who resides at 4670 Favret Road, is a user in Water District 2 who previously has sold municipal water to former owners of the now-vacant house...
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Anonymous said...

lets see what happens to water hook up for the new house on the branch road in the same water line!