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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cape Vincent board ignites another controversy by ousting ZBA member

With Mr. Docteur out of the way, Mr. Wood said he now plans to apply for the ZBA opening again.

Noting that his farm owns a lot of property in town, he said he wants “to get more involved in the community” as a ZBA member.

CAPE VINCENT — One fire was put out during the Town Council’s reorganizational meeting on Monday morning, but another one was ignited.Continue reading via this link to the Watertown daily Times


Anonymous said...

It is interesting that now that there is a new town board in Cape Vincent,with a majority of power back in the hands of the "old guard" replete with the cronyism,nepotism, and unethical special interest favoritism we are all too familiar with, suddenly certain repeat commentors in the WDTs are lobbying for the times reporters to cease all the negative reporting and concentrate only on pleasantries.

How odd!

Anonymous said...

Such hypocrisy and bad faith by CFG/DEM board members. Supervisor Suller made a reasonable, good faith decision when she compromised and offered her personal secretary a one year trial. What did she get in response from her fellow board members- dirty political payback in the form of refusing to reappoint a standing ZBA member willing and able to continue service. Made even worse when it's discovered they intend to appoint Al Wood's nephew to the position.
To cap it off, Harold Wiley congratulates the board for a good start. Incredible! has he no self-respect?

going to be a dark period in Cape Vincent history.