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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Horse Creek Wind Farm: More than industrial blight

The map below shows a small section of the first layout (2007) of the Horse Creek Wind Project DGEIS.

Fabend & Turbines.jpg

The red areas on the map above represent about 10 wind turbines. The concentric circles surrounding the turbines depict noise levels. The small green squares represent nearby homes

What is unusual about the Horse Creek project compared to any other wind project in New York is the density of residences.  There are too many people living in the area that Iberdrola wants to insert an industrial wind project.  The area has many small homes on small parcels adjacent to larger parcels that are now leased to Iberdrola.  Today we know far more about the negative health impacts on people from wind turbine noise, and we also know noise impacts are worse, far worse, with the new, larger turbines.  

Town of Clayton officials may have the impression that the big issue for Horse Creek will be the visual impacts from big turbines (600 footers), those that will likely be proposed for the latest version of the Horse Creek project.  However, don’t be misled.  As much as 600 ft turbines will be an eyesore to those living along the river, the real issue will be the health and safety impacts and the diminished quality of life for those who will live within the cold, hard embrace of Iberdrola’s misguided project for the Thousand Islands.

C.P. Schneider

 Horse Creek DGEIS 2007 Map

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