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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Clayton proposes banning industrial turbines in reaction to Horse Creek wind project

CLAYTON — Signaling its opposition to the Horse Creek wind project, the Town Council will consider replacing current wind laws with one that would completely ban industrial wind projects and the construction of wind measurement towers. Continue reading via this link to the watertown daily times

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Art Pundt said...

Kudos to Clayton and I hope they stand tough to defend such a law if they pass it. I have been saying for a decade local towns should grab the bull by the horns and do this. Imagine if Cape Vincent had done this a number of years back when that town board had a super majority to enact a ban and if Clayton does it now, then you would have sent a clear distinct message to the state that we intend to protect at least the Clayton, CV section of the river as a unified political force.
There are too many people who think the State Art 10 process will protect us when in fact it is a rigged system. People write letters to the NYPSC indicating they don't want industrial wind in our region. Problem is they are out of sync, since up till now most town laws have attempted to accommodate wind in some forms to appease the state in the Art 10 process