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Monday, March 14, 2016

Many landowners don’t want wind project

Residents in the towns of Clayton, Orleans, Lyme and Brownville better get involved before it’s too late! Foreign-owned industrial wind giant Iberdrola/Atlantic Wind is back with a massive project that would involve all four towns.Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

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Gunther Schaller said...

Only a well planned and coordinated response can block the absurd concept of placing industrial strength 600 foot wind turbines in one of the most beautiful regions of the state. It will be up to the four local towns to rally their resources and put up a strong and meaningful defense. We can't expect any help from Albany. The North Country has been a sacrifice zone for the downstate powers for over 200 years, so this is nothing new. Where is the "green" electricity produced at Niagara Falls going? Where does the water come from NYC flushes down the toilet? Mayor DeBlasio boasted that New York City will produce 100% of its electricity needs from renewables, solar and wind by 2050 and do it locally! Leases for offshore wind "farms" are currently being put up for auction in front of Long Island. Wisely, the site is far enough from shore so that the turbines won't be seen from shore. We would not want to offend the sensibilities of New York City and Long Island residents! Upstate, however, is something else. There are not enough people there to worry about and many belong to the wrong party, to boot.