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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Amid accusations, wind industry to receive new ethical code of conduct

ALBANY — After claims of bribery and intimidation of local officials, the state’s wind industry now has an updated code of conduct, and violators could face fines.

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office will announce Thursday a revised code of conduct for the wind energy industry. The code will deter improper relationships between government officials and wind development companies, according to Schneiderman. That could include benefits given to public officials and improperly sought land-use agreements.Continue reading via this link to POLITICO NEW YORK


Gunther Schaller said...

Window dressing for PR purposes.

Art Pundt said...

Think about it...how many industries do you know that have gone so far off the ethical rails that a special code of conduct had to be specifically targeted to the industry.

Of course if NYAG Schneiderman or Cuomo when he was AG would just enforce the ethics laws on the books maybe that would help.

In Cape Vincent as AG Cuomo started an investigation of pro wind conflicted town officials. Of course that conveniently disappeared after he became Gov.

And one of the people (former NY Sen. Aubertine of CV ) who was up to his eyeballs in the CV ethics mess should have been investigated. But what does Cuomo do? After Cuomo is elected Gov. he appoints Aubertine as Ag Commissioner.

AND Sen. Ritchie who was displaced Aubertine in the election in large part because of his ethics lapses on wind an other issues...she votes yes to appoint Aubertine to Cuomo's administration.

That about sums it up as far as ethics in NYS.

Gunther Schaller said...

Jefferson County land records now no longer identify the second party to leases for Atlantic Wind LLC. This change in reporting coincides with NYAG enhanced disclosure requirements. One can open each individual instrument to identify the second party, but don't expect to get much information there either. Section 7 of the memorandi for leases or easements states: "Location of Agreement:The fully executed agreement between the parties hereto is available by contacting lessee"