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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Horse Creek wind farm public involvement program plan found inadequate after review

After reviewing Atlantic Wind LLC’s Public Involvement Program Plan for the Horse Creek Wind Farm project, state Department of Public Service staff members recommend that the developer expand its area of study, incorporate more community outreach and clearly establish its project area, stakeholders and turbine height for its final plan.

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Gunther Schaller said...

One would think that Iberdrola would take the thirty days given for a response to supply the PSC with the requested material and corrections. Not Iberdrola! In his comments to the WDT Mr. Copleman, the man in charge, basically told the PSC that they will get whatever they will get whenever Iberdrola sees fit to give it, as in the PSS that will follow the PIP. He is counting on the ridiculously narrow window of 21 days in the PSS for comments, something very few people will be able to accomplish as demonstrated by the APEX Galloo Island Wind PSS. Iberdrola's arrogance is so ingrained in their corporate culture that even a well reasoned request from the PSC gets treated like the requests for information from stakeholders like local communities. This time they may have gone too far. I realize that the PSC holds the stirrup for renewables under article 10, but there are good people at the PSC as the request to amend the PIP indicates. It remains to be seen if the official response from Iberdrola will make an attempt to kiss and make up, but the cat is out of the bag.

Anonymous said...

So what do you want Iberdrola to do?? If they respond in good faith and make up ,that would put them in good stead with the PSC, right?? Why do you want that???? If you're committed to the ART.X process ,wouldn't it be better if Iberdrola keeps screwing up and further alienates the PSC?? wouldn't that be more likely to sink their chances?

Why does Clayton, Brownville, Lyme, or Orleans insist on Iberdrola being good citizens and
and follow the process to the utmost? Hell these towns should be doing everything they can to thwart the efforts of Iberdrola, not sending letters off to the PSC suggesting what they could do to be better. Let Iberdrola arrange their own meetings with the public. Why would the town of Lyme, Clayton, etc. offer their public venues for Iberdrola's interests?? These people want to trample on local laws!! Why play nice with them?? Do everything you can to make sure their PIP is a dismal failure!!

D LaMora

Art Pundt said...

Exactly Dave...basically the PSC and ANY other comments helps make the Iberdrola PIP and PSS better documents.

Essentially the PSC is helping Iberdola along to produce a good PIP and PSS, and better abide by the Art 10 process if the PIP are well done then the public and the PSC DEC, siting board etc has an easier and easier time approving the project...so write those letters to the PSC and comment on the PIP and PPS and help Ibredrola improve their documents....thank you very much PSC and public!

This is EXACTLY what CELDF lawyers say about the regulatory process. And the better the Art 10 documents are completed and the more input, the courts can then claim that the process was done well and complete withb lots of involvement and have little justification left to deny a project.

What people do not understand Dave is how this process is designed to work against the public...using the public's own input and comments and sucking the public in to actually help the process along when the public actually thinks their effort are opposition. In that respect this process is beautifully designed by the state! And we have seen that in court cases right in Cape Vincent on wind related law suits.

So let's all get busy writing more comments to the PSC pointing out the flaws in the Iberdrola PIP and PSS and help Iberdrola improve those documents to help them along to get their project approved.

Art Pundt said...

To expand on this point Dave...It boggles my mind why Lyme for example or as other towns have done are taking ANY advice about Art 10 or the process or asking about intervenor funding for example.

WTF! When did we start taking advice from the enemy,OR suggesting how they can make their Art 10 efforts better and pointing out their flaws.

And this is opposition????????????????????

If you are insistent on pointing out the failures and flaws of Iberdrola's PIP or PSS or other efforts to help them along and make them better then go work for them as a lawyer or consultant!

We help Iberdrola by commenting on how they can be better in the process.
We write reasonable wind laws that actually allow wind, not stop it.
We enable the Art 10 process which is a fast track to site wind energy and has taken away home rule rights and can waive our laws for the developer.
We take advice from the enemy on the process.

Good God please let me know when the real "opposition" actually starts!

Anonymous said...

Is this the same team of attack clowns who
spoiled the Watertown Times for anyone else
who would like to comment??????

Anonymous said...

Before you buy into and trust Art's Pundt's two man army and the empty promises of the CDELF,
think about this story.....

Once upon a time a man was walking past the solid wall of an asylum.

He heard loud voices on the other side shouting twenty four, twenty four!!!!!

He saw a hole in the wall and looked in. He was poked in the eye with a stick.

Once again he heard the loud voices. Twenty five, TWENTY FIVE !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Job Ar Pundt and Dave. All of your valuable comments to the WDT have been kept as you posted them so they will help us more to take on this bad zoning and the bad chairman and members. Good case against those useless set backs and that committee. They will be gone by the next committee who will change everything. and more permits can be asked for in river and lake districts for the new turbine company. that's around. A letter has been sent to Suller on the unfairness of the zoning and other board members got it. Joe is taking charge for them and he is on the ZBA with Hester. They will start over with zoning and all that and you helped. Hester is getting a lawyer and needs help fighting her violations and the unfairness and new members will be appointed to get rid of the bad ones. Your posts and comments will help a lot to take on and show those zoning geniuses were incompetant. We will use your good stuff. You have good points the on the article x. Don't go to it is the right way. Keep up the good work. Come to the next town meeting and tell them what your learned about the bad zoning. Really a mistake that Storandt and all those lawyers won’t listen to you and Dave in Clayton. Hope they do wind law ban and not more zoning. Glad you back us up on that.