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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

County Planning Board disapproves of Brownville’s new proposed wind laws

Watertown Daily Times

By MARCUS WOLF Wednesday,AUGUST 31, 2016

CLAYTON — The Brownville Town Board submitted an application for a zoning law amendment to the Jefferson County Planning Board, including regulations on wind energy facilities, but the planners voted to disapprove the application and recommended a list of revisions for approval during their monthly meeting. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times


Dave LaMora said...

Pandora, of course the County Planers should disapprove of The Brownville Law. Unless the law has a section for industrial wind turbines which states- The Town of Brownville does not support the New York State ambitious renewable energy policy, and with the intent to protect the health and general welfare of it's residents, preserve property values, protect the physical and visual environment and assets of the Town ,and the neighboring region, and with consideration of extensive research and data to support it's findings, the Town does not permit industrial scale ,commercial wind turbines within the entire township.

Anonymous said...

Dave Lamora continues to be confused about what home rule is all about. It is up to the Town of Brownville to run their town, NOT Dave Lamora. When he moves here and votes here, then he can become one vote toward elected the people who are charged with the decision. Protest all you want, Dave Lamora but this is still a home rule state. Not a Dave Lamora ruled state.

Dave LaMora said...

7:47, I' not confused at all about what home rule is. I'm just offering my opinion about what the substance of a zoning ordinance referring to industrial wind, should be if, not only Town of Brownville residents, but all NY town residents want their Home Rule rights to prevail. As it stands there are only a few Towns in NY whose Laws have a good chance of that, and they are ones that do not permit industrial turbines period.

Write whatever rules you want to regulate wind turbines, but don't confuse that with having Autonomous Home Rule. NY has removed that with the passage of the ART.10 process. If you truly want Home Rule, convince your town officials to join with other Towns and challenge the scope of NY's pre-emption authority.

Anonymous said...

The substance of our law is what we want it to be. What our elected officials want. Not what you want it to be. Our business not yours, David Lamora. Yours is a lost cause and has nothing to offer.

Art Pundt said...

Anonymous 8:08

No, actually the substance of your law in terms of wind regulations will be determined by the state. Do you have any clue that the wind regulations in your law are nothing more than an opinion since if you are confronted by a wind developer the state will decide whether your law will actually be upheld or not. Not you or your town officials.

In addition right now if there is procedural language in your wind regulations regarding applications and permits... that has already been preempted by the state since the developer no longer even comes to the town for a permit. they go to the state Art. 10 process. So that won't be determined by what your town officials want.

Anonymous said...

So says you, Art Pundt who contributes nothing of substance except bitching where it doesn't count.
Until you get control of your anger and dispose of your anonmosity you have nothing to contribute.