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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Town of Clayton unveils thinly veiled wind ban

Last evening the Town of Clayton held a public hearing to allow the community to comment on Clayton’s proposed wind law,Local Law No.5


Dave LaMora said...

Pandora, I don't think there's any "thinly veiled" about it . The town of Clayton clearly does not want industrial wind turbines. The more significant point is whether proposing the ban disguised as a wind ordinance will fool the State. I doubt it and I am discouraged the Town has decided to take this route.The ART10 rules clearly gives the review panel the authority to set aside any overly burdensome local laws that attempt to regulate wind turbines. It seems much more logical to not permit turbines, and force the State or the developers to challenge the Town's right to do so. The State bureaucracy has pulled off an end around on municipal Home Rule, making wind laws an ineffective protective tool. Until Towns decide to recognize this and push back with a legal challenge to this pre-emptive authority, the nit-picking over local law criteria is futile.

Anonymous said...

All the more reason to go back to square
one and Cape Vincent's zoning law which
is the way we should go with updates
since their last revision, of course. They
did the work. Why repeat it.

If Dave Lamora and Art Pundt want to fulfill
waste their lives in a fantasy and vendetta,
so be it. But it is just that, a fantasy and grudge
A distraction to the real issue of the day and
would take years to accomplish. In the meantime
the only thing they have to contribute is anger,
burning bridges and throwing their own town
and people under
the bus much to the delight of the pro wind in
the Cape.
What kind of idiot would recommend a legal
challenge to a few words when they don't even
have the guts or the intelligence to make
those same objections to the state public hearings?
Suggesting to NOT write to the PSC and challenge
them? What nonsense. And, don't waste your time
repeating the same old nonsense back. Take
it up with John Droz. Clayton is sick of you both.
And, take that to the bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Art's mouth piece and under the bus thrower just got asked to resign from the Cape ZBA. So where was Art?

Art Pundt said...

10:50 First I just love it when people talk about having "guts" in an attack on Dave and myself and then don't have the guts, spine, integrity or accountability to post their own name. What a hoot!!! And this is the logic we are supposed to follow! YIKES!!!

Second...as to what kind of idiot would recommend a legal challenge????? Well how about Mr. Dennis Vacco who has suggested just such a challenge who just happens to be the former NY Attorney General and attorney for Clayton and against the huge Apex wind development in W. NY!


The Cape Vincent zoning law is a disaster on wind energy and the people who drafted it have proved beyond a doubt they couldn't read it or administer it properly. Even the WDT reported on that zoning fiasco!

And it just so happens if you read the WDT and attorney Vacco's comments he is suggesting that any such law has a high probability of being preempted by the state.

Something Dave and I have been saying for a long long time!

Art Pundt said...


I assume you are talking about Hester Chase. A person who makes you look pathetic and ridiculous since she has real backbone and isn't frightened by her own name and what she stands for!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Art, the nice person you left hanging when you did
not even have the guts to support her by
attending the summer meetings when she
was getting fried. Thanks Art.

Anonymous said...

Hey Artie Look who was beside her in the Weed video? Remember them
the ones you worked so hard to get rid of in the Cape. Reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

Art Punts suggestion to NOT SEND LETTERS TO THE PSC is the most ignorant and stupid thing I have ever heard. Now he is making fun of the people in Clayton like Cindy and others and even the supervisor who are taking the issue head on and right to the PSC record. If Art Punt and David want to start a multi million dollar attempt to spank the government they hate then do it on their own dime.

Dave LaMora said...

Anon 8:03 Every opinion is relative to one's perspective, and you certainly are entitled to yours. Since you referenced me in your rant I feel compelled to respond. Unlike you, I will give you the courtesy and respect of responding by name.

Firstly, I Don't hate the government, and I am offended by your impetuous, uninformed insinuation. For six years I have been encouraging residents of the State to lobby their local leaders to join in a collaborative effort to challenge a legislated action that has neutered the Home Rule Rights of local municipalities. This is with a recognition that no single town should or could bear the brunt of the cost of such an action, and because the issue affects every town and resident statewide. It is based on a sincere, objective review on my part, which has of late been supported by both an expose of the DEC by Clif Schneider, and also a commentary by Dennis Vacco, former Atty. Gen. and legal counsel to the Town of Clayton. The State bureaucracy has implemented a process by which it can irrevocably alter the very nature and character of our communities, despite our objections. I have never suggested anyone decline from addressing the PSC , only that the process has an inherent capacity to dismiss those objections, no matter how relevant or reasoned. To use a sports analogy, the game is rigged, the referees have been compromised , and they can simply, according to the rules , ignore the yelling from the irate home fans.

From my perspective, it makes ultimately more sense to address the inherent bias ,and corruption that impedes the effective actions that concerned residents and local officials want to take in order to protect their communities. You do the democratic process and reasonable debate a great disservice by characterizing my position in such an unrealistic and overly dramatized fashion. If you disagree, that's your right, but please don't drag me into the muck of your irrational tirade that obscures, and misdirects the issue.

If you would like to genuinely discuss the issue, my number is 783-8744.

Art Pundt said...

Actually 8:03

I would say the most stupid and ignorant thing (if you want to put it in those words) is to live under the delusion that you are going to achieve effective opposition by formulating your opposition around rules specifically drafted by the enemy you are fighting. Rules that have been specifically drawn up to defeat your input, your local laws, your local leaders decisions, and the elected process that put those leaders in power to hopefully protect your community.

If you consider yourself a patriotic American who supports our constitutional rights then please explain to us how you continue to be insistence we support a process (Art 10) that has stripped away the rights of American citizens right in their own communities largely on behalf of huge foreign corporation.

I guess in that respect I can see why you don't want your name revealed!!!

Anonymous said...

Name one other person who actually are with you two goof balls and the next time
I see you in town I will shake your hands and give you a five dollar donation
to assist in your NYS Supreme Court Article 10 constitutional challenge. By the
way another CV person you both threw under the bus just won the primary.
Leave us alone. Clayton does not need your kind of help.

Art Pundt said...


I guess you just don't get it. The attorney working for Clayton... Mr. Vacco (former NY attorney general) has said in the WDT much of what Dave and I have been saying for a few years about Art 10.

He is suggesting a challenge against Art 10 while you and the rest of the sheep keep being led down the chute to slaughter by the Art 10 process you should be challenging.

You want to follow the sheep...I'm not stopping you. And when you write letters to the NYPSC...see if you can remember your name when you sign your letter!!!!

Anonymous said...

This punt guy advocates ignoring even boycotting article x. Vacco does not advocate that at all. Clayton is smart not to take this dude too seriously.