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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

IDA board members discuss tax policy revisions, vow not to override Jefferson County energy policy

Watertown Daily Times
WATERTOWN — The Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency board of directors discussed revisions for the agency’s uniform tax exemption policy last Thursday at its meeting, but several members vowed they will not incorporate regulations that override the county’s policy for large-scale alternative energy projects. Continue reading via this link to the Watertown Daily Times

 JCIDA CEO Don Alexander with
Wind developer  Bill Moore
@ Galloo Island Wind PIP open house
JCIDA CEO Donald C. Alexander advised against incorporating a statement affirming a position by the JCIDA never to invoke a pilot on any one of the taxing jurisdictions if one entity did not want it.

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Gunther Schaller said...

The position of the board members of the JCIDA could not have been clearer: NO TAX BREAKS FOR LARGE SCALE RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS! Don Alexander did his best to sound like he would not consider tax breaks for projects like Galloo or Horse Creek, but he balked at making the UTEP language too specific. That's what policy statements are supposed to be: specific. How else can potential projects be evaluated by both the applicants and the agency? Mr. Alexander is very sensitive about negative media coverage but has only himself to blame. If the image of the JCIDA gets tarnished by the unwillingness of Mr. Alexander to commit himself to a clear uniform tax exemption policy, it's not the media's fault. One might wonder about the tenability of the position of a CEO so in conflict with the mandate of the corporation he represents.