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Friday, January 20, 2017

Irish High Court Finds Wind Turbine Maker Liable for Noise Nuisance –

7 Irish Families to Get Millions in Punitive Damages

In a case before the Irish High Court, German wind turbine manufacturer, Enercon has just conceded liability in noise nuisance in a claim pursued by...
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Gunther Schaller said...

No matter how one feels about wind energy developers, one has to respect the honesty of a company in the wind business naming itself "Enercon", the result of the contraction of the words "energy" and "con game".

Dave LaMora said...

Gunther, great observation! I love it! This is the second time recently that I agree with you %100. You made a suggestion a short while ago in response to the deliberations being carried out in the Town of Orleans, that perhaps they should eliminate a proposed overlay district altogether and avoid "welcoming the wind developer to come on in". Kudos!! Spot on! Every town in Jefferson County should follow suit- no industrial turbines permitted. This would reduce and simplify the zoning ordinances considerably. Down to one sentence- No industrial turbines are permitted, period.