BP's Tatics in Cape Vincent Ny

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

NCPR poses a question ~

If Trump builds a wall, will there be anybody to milk the North Country's cows?

If the Guatemalan farm workers in Cape Vincent are deported will former NYS Senator, Darrel Aubertine pitch in and help his friends?


Gunther Schaller said...

"Desperate for reliable labor and buoyed by soaring prices, dairy operations across the state are charging into a brave new world of udder care: robotic milkers, which feed and milk cow after cow without the help of a single farmhand." reported the New York Times a couple of years ago. Windfall profits and PILOT programs coming from wind developers will allow farmers to retire to their Lazy Boy recliners and monitor their milking operation by smart phone.

TI said...

You're a smart guy, Gunther.

But the wind developers tell us that every farmer in New York State is "poor and struggling" and in desperate need of wind lease income. And the rest of us who don't want our towns radically altered are selfish.

All this time I have been thinking I was a deplorable schmuck for being so insensitive.