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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Michael Ringer Asks DOS if SASS Provides any protection against Wind En...

During the final grant information session on April 13, 2015 at the Cape Vincent Recreation Center, Michael Ringer asked the Department of State representative if SASS would provide any protection against Wind energy.

Steve Ridler from the Department of State said yes, wind turbines will be something SASS will be looking at. It will be a factor in the decisions that are made when it comes to wind turbines.


Gunther Schaller said...

The notion that SASS will look at a wind farm project in response to a question can't be taken seriously. The NY Department of State is not a member of the Article 10 Siting Board and any position it might have is totally irrelevant. No member of the Department of State is a party to any of the projects currently placed before the PSC and if the workshop given by the Department of State last September is any indication, no one at the department has gone through the trouble of actually learning the facts about Article 10.

The merits of SASS have to be evaluated and weighed against the downside independent of any wishful thinking. What was offered as an observation by a new member of the Clayton Board should not be given any more weight than just that: a request to take a second look at something that might have merit.

It is unfortunate that the process of decision making leaves very little room for input from the public. Even the rules concerning open meetings help create controversy when elected officials raise issues that have not been vetted.

Art Pundt said...

This is a bit off the posted subject. But I noticed in the WDT that the county approved the most recent zoning in Clayton. The way the article read appeared to suggest that the town of Clayton "prohibited" any turbines intended to sell electricity to the grid, such as Iberdrola or any other commercial industrial wind company would develop a wind farm to do. Did Clayton effectively outright prohibit this type of wind development??? Do you or Clif know for sure? Or could they get a variance. It was difficult to tell from the article. I called Marcus Wolfe the reporter and he seemed to indicate he thought Clayton had prohibited commercial type turbines, but I'm not sure he was 100% clear on that point either.

Dave LaMora said...

Gunther, you make a valid point, but I'm not sure your position is definitive. Maybe the Dept. of State is not party to any of the wind projects currently before Art 10 ,because none of them are proposed in an area that has a SASS Designation. According to procedural rules (which I'm sure you are aware of)) New York State is not permitted to run roughshod over , or ignore existing regulatory laws just because one dept. wants to expedite some project at the expense of environmental concerns. Of course in the real world that happens a lot, but it doesn't mean an aware and engaged public can't bring focus to and demand proper execution of process.

The SASS designation is a useful tool for protecting and preserving the scenic value of a region. It only represents unwanted control if a community doesn't want it. In my opinion it could be totally relevant to protecting this region from the harmful impacts of industrial wind development. If it were in place, it would give a community much leverage in a legal fight to establish that community's right to establish and defend its own land use policies.

The real issue here is ,and has been, there is no will to fight the overreach of authority that is inherent in the ART 10 Legislation. The fact that you, and many others cannot see the value of SASS in that fight is evidence ,to me of misdirected logic.