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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Apex Clean Energy Cries ‘Uncle’ in Tennessee, but not in New York

The following was contributed by a reader
Apex Clean Energy, the wind developer behind Lighthouse and Galloo wind projects currently under New York’s Article 10 review, decided to pull the plug on their Crab Orchard Wind project proposal in Cumberland County, Tennessee.
Apex’s excuse was, “There are several important inflection points at which we determine whether the fundamental attributes of the project support a continuing investment in that project,” Apex noted. “We have come to such an inflection point on the Crab Orchard Wind project.”
Inflexion points seem to suggest market timing, financing, tax credits, subsidies, equipment costs and other developmental issues, but certainly not opposition and political pressure.
A reasonable person might wonder, if any of these factors affected Apex’s decision to abandon Crab Orchard, then they might be abandoning other projects, since these inflexion points would affect Apex’s projects no matter where they are located, since all projects are driven by the same fundamentals.
But alas, Apex has not suggested they are leaving any other projects, just Crab Orchard in Tennessee.
So, what’s special about Crab Orchard?
In a search for those inflexion points that might be responsible for Apex’s decision to leave Tennessee there is one that popped up and screamed – THAT’S IT!!
Please, please click on the You Tube video below and see the real reason why Apex called it quits – it’s because of the logic, eloquence and fortitude of Tennessee’s U.S. Senator, Lamar Alexander.
What Alexander argues before the Senate are the very same issues that influence Galloo, Lighthouse and any other wind project proposed for New York.
Alexander’s best line was ‘Choosing wind turbine electric generation when you have nuclear capability is like going to war in sailboats when you have a nuclear navy’.

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